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By | Sep.07.12 | Daily Dispatch, The Friday Five

We all need someone to turn to for advice. Someone older and wiser—or simply in possession of a bit more perspective. Otherwise, you can get so caught up in the scent of your own perfume that you fail to see the handwriting on the wall (or the mixed metaphors in your writing). We’re strong believers in getting regular input from others. That’s why Attorney at Work has such an impressive group of Advisors. We’re lucky that this illustrious group agreed at the very inception of Attorney at Work to come on board as a source of information and feedback.

What’s Up With Our Advisors?

From time to time, we dedicate a Friday Five to some of the interesting things our Advisors are doing, so we can pass along a bit of their wisdom and perspective to our readers. So, this being Friday, here you go.

1. Telling great stories with bios and photos. Advisor Burkey Belser is President of branding agency Greenfield/Belser Ltd. They’ve been doing marketing and design work for law firms for so long that there is virtually no difference between a history of the first 25 Years of Legal Branding and a history of this agency. Last week, the Brand Thinking Blog focused on the fundamentals: Tell Great Stories with Bios and Photos. Every lawyer needs a photo and a persuasive biography, and this post explains how to get it done.

2. The confidence of the dinosaurs. The practice of law is changing. You’ve heard it before, right? But few speak so smartly and with such clarity about it as Jordan Furlong. (Did we mention he’s just been named one of the top 25 most influential lawyers by Canadian Lawyer magazine?) His blog, Law21, is always a good deep read. Last week, he took aim at the “serene confidence of incumbency” with a post that rattled a few nerves. Whether you spend your days in a firm, law school, bar association or court, this post will either unsettle you or push you over the edge into thinking differently. Try it.

3. Engaging associates in business development. Sally Schmidt was the first President of the Legal Marketing Association, and she’s the final word on many aspects of legal services marketing. In addition to writing some of the best books out there on legal marketing, she’s written the marketing column for the ABA’s Law Practice magazine for a couple of decades. The most recent issue featured her advice on how to get your young lawyers involved in bringing in clients. Isn’t it time?

4. From one lawyer to another, and back. Lawyer2Lawyer was launched on the LegalTalk Network the same year that Facebook arrived, in 2005. It has become the longest continually produced legal podcast, with Robert Ambrogi and co-host Craig Williams sharing their experiences and insights on a range of legal topics—some serious and some not so serious—with great guests. Last month, Lawyer2Lawyer celebrated its seventh anniversary with the 350th broadcast! It’s a special behind-the-scenes interview. Don’t miss it.

5. It’s not your daddy’s reputation-builder. Advisor Steve Matthews started out in knowledge management for law firms and took a circuitous route through the famous Canadian blog Slaw and years of leading in-house library services to create Stem Legal, where he is an expert in online reputation and search engine optimization for lawyers and law firms. Over the past few weeks, Steve’s been talking on the Law Firm Web Strategy blog about what he calls “Distributed Publishing Opportunities.” It’s a four-parter addressing best practices for blogging, social media, microsites and legal FAQ sites. Read these and you’ll be fired up to build a new kind of reputation for yourself and your firm in the online world.

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