At Last! Feature-Rich Document Assembly Software That’s Honestly Easy to Use

By | Dec.06.12 | Product Spotlight

Can Document Assembly Be Any Easier?

Lawyers can achieve immense time-savings and cost-efficiencies by using an automated document assembly program. It’s true—you could potentially save countless hours of cutting, pasting, revising, replacing and editing text—in standard forms, contracts, client letters and many other kinds of documents.

So why, if it’s possible to do in minutes what now takes hours, do so few lawyers take advantage of this magic?

Here’s the problem: Until recently, implementing a document assembly system has involved an almost impossible level of devotion to the task. We’re talking about complex coding, hidden fields, special databases, inflexible templates and other hitches. The result has been programs that are difficult to learn and use. Programs that require skills—and time commitments—typically not possessed by busy solo and smaller firm practitioners.

Enter Pathagoras—a new breed of document assembly program that changes all that. Watch this video right now to see how truly simple and intuitive Pathagoras is:

It’s Plain-Text, “No-Codes-Required”

That’s right—as the video demonstrates, because Pathagoras is a Microsoft Word add-in, you stay within your familiar Microsoft Word environment when automating documents. In fact, most actions involve only standard Word tools. But Pathagoras enhances and accelerates those tools, thereby providing document automation power not seen before in a plain-text-based system.

Plus, it stores source documents in standard folders and files, without encryption and coding, so you don’t have to abandon your current files or file structure! Instead, Pathagoras easily adapts to the methods that you currently use to store and retrieve documents.

Bottom line: Pathagoras is incredibly simple to learn, and incredibly simple to use—all while being a total document production program. It spans every aspect of the document creation process, from locating the text sources, to building the document, to filling in variable information, to saving the final product to the location of your choosing.

Put All Your Microsoft Office Documents to Work for You Today!

Learn for yourself how easy and profitable implementing a solid document assembly system by taking our free, no-obligation test-drive. Our trial period is 90 days, which is far beyond any industry standard—and our customer support is second to none. In fact, I take great pride in the service I personally give to Pathagoras users—and the fact that I’m also a lawyer (like you) is a big part of that.

Download your 90 day free trial! Or fill out the form below and you’ll receive a personal email with the download link—I look forward to having you in the Pathagoras family fold.

Roy Lasris, a lawyer based in Yorktown, Virginia, is President of Innovative Software Products of Virginia and the chief programmer of Pathagoras.

Go Ahead, See for Yourself: Try Pathagoras™ FREE for 90 days!

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