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You At Work

Woman and Man with tech in background

Desktop Search Tools: Like Google for Your Computer

You know you saved it—that file that you spent hours working on a few weeks ago. That file you’re now desperate to retrieve but can’t locate. But it's not in your Recent Documents (because you weren’t working on it recently), and it's not pinned ...

Vivian Manning - February 6, 2012
man sitting in chair managing a law practice jared correia

Less Is More Focused: Lexis Practice Advisor

The thing about gigantic databases, like the great library at Alexandria, is that it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for, unless you really know what you’re doing. LexisNexis’ research engine is a modern-day labrynthine library. ...

Jared Correia - February 1, 2012
T-Rex with open mouth Otto Sorts

Sullied by the Practice of Law

It rested on the credenza of his corner office looking battered and well-used, not unlike the lawyer behind the desk. “My daddy carried that to court for 20 years, and gave it to me when he finally retired. I carried it for 30 more, and had it ...

Otto Sorts - January 31, 2012

Sharpening the Saw

I have a friend who is a gifted planner. We often get together near the end of the year, and I find her scheduling her professional development activities for the upcoming calendar year, and her vacation. She finds that doing so means that both ...

Wendy Werner - January 30, 2012
Young professional looking at question mark melater

Did You Say ‘Yoots’?

I arrived early for the deposition but somehow, in his mind, I was late. I was also young. This angered him. I went to shake his hand, but his arm never moved. Rather, he looked me up and down and sarcastically said, “Great, looks like we’re ...

William Melater - January 26, 2012

Is It the Winter Blues or Something More?

Depression is a serious illness and—unlike the winter blues—it stays with you, no matter the temperature and amount of sunlight outside. Please be aware of the signs of depression. Are you feeling any of these?

Marcia Pennington Shannon - January 24, 2012

How to Remember Names (Really)

While forgetting names is not the worst thing you can do socially, conversely, remembering names is one of the best. It eases social situations, sets you apart from the other bumbling schlubs, lets your companion know that they had a positive ...

Mary Ellen Sullivan - January 23, 2012

How to Behave in the Online World

Does it seem to you that everyone but you knows exactly what they're up to in the blogosphere? The tone to strike. The etiquette of retweeting. When to "like" something. Even something as basic as whether to be your professional self, your ...

Andrea Cannavina - January 19, 2012

Is It OK to Pay Referral Fees?

In most practice areas, a lawyer’s marketing efforts should focus on generating a strong referral pipeline—from both non-lawyers and lawyers alike. If those efforts are successful, you'll probably need some guidance on referral fees. Here it is.

Roy S. Ginsburg - January 17, 2012
man sitting in chair managing a law practice jared correia

Short Sale: Small Content is the Future Present

Short is the new black. In a society where each and every one is frenetic, overworked and overwrought, the most effective marketing, then, is compact and to-the-point. But, even if you can write it, they will not come unless you choose the most ...

Jared Correia - January 12, 2012