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You At Work

Getting Your Words In Order

It's true, writing is a lawyer’s primary tool and a great source of pride and identity. But isn’t it also true that once in a while a teensy-weensy wisp of doubt creeps in? In the grip of writer's block, you fixate on memories of those ...

The Editors - September 23, 2011
T-Rex with open mouth Otto Sorts

High Five the Legal Profession

When my kid played soccer, there was a ritual at the end of every game. Each team would line up single-file, facing in opposite directions, then walk by the entire other team and slap each kid’s hand as a show of good ...

Otto Sorts - September 20, 2011

Ghostwriters for Lawyers

That article or white paper opportunity that seemed like a great way to enhance your reputation three months ago starts to spark panic attacks as the deadline looms. You know what you want to say, and have a file-folder full of notes and ...

Janet Ellen Raasch - September 15, 2011
Young professional looking at question mark melater

Back Off That Send Button, Buddy

"William Melater" (you can call him "Bill") is a young associate who's agreed to blog from time to time about life on the lower rungs of the legal profession as "The Dis-Associate," including—occasionally—what irritates him.

William Melater - September 14, 2011

The Essential Cloud: Top Tools for Lawyers

The cloud is no longer a new, fuzzy idea. Lawyers in masses are adopting cloud computing technologies to power their firms, leveraging browser and mobile app-based services. But which products are emerging as the leaders, the can’t-do-without ...

Larry Port - September 13, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Football?

The season is finally here. (Whew.) The endless NFL negotiations are, well, negotiated. The rookies have pushed through their two-a-days and preseason games—and we are at the coin flip. Last night the Packers showed they still have the ...

The Editors - September 9, 2011

First, Figure Out Your Billing Strategy

When I started my own commercial litigation boutique last year, I gave serious thought to abandoning the much-maligned billable hour. After all, we all know the criticisms: The billable hour rewards inefficiency, places the lawyer’s interests at ...

John H. Snyder - September 8, 2011

The Long-Distance Job Search for Lawyers, Part Two

You have been working on finding that job in your dream location. You've created a timeline and you are sticking to it. Using both public and personal contacts you have identified the positions you want, and now you are ready to apply. How in ...

Wendy Werner - September 6, 2011

Time to Waste

Oh, come on. It’s almost Labor Day weekend and nothing’s going anywhere today. So you can either put your feet up on your desk and blatantly loaf … or you can do what we’re doing. Put your head down, huddle up to the computer and pretend ...

The Editors - September 2, 2011

The Long-Distance Job Search for Lawyers, Part One

Finding a new job is hard enough when you are looking in your own backyard, but the difficulty level increases when you are job hunting from states away. It may be easier, of course, if you are heading back to a place you once lived or if you ...

Wendy Werner - September 1, 2011