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House Stationery Is the New Black

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Image is critical. You know this. It’s embedded in every design decision you make for your practice. You labored over your website and dropped a significant wad of cash to make it look good. Your …Continue reading »

Part Two

Secrets of Online Legal Marketing: Managing the Pipeline

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You can spend thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns, but if you are not managing them well, you will waste a lot of money. In Part One, we talked about the basics of online legal marketing: …Continue reading »

Nothing But the Ruth! Interview

Killing Marketing for Lawyers

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I met Robert Rose at Content Marketing World in 2015. He’s the founder and Chief Strategy Officer of The Content Advisory — the consulting and advisory group of The Content Marketing Institute — and a …Continue reading »

We're All Skimming Now

Write Like People Read

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Have you noticed that the way you read websites, emails, text messages — even magazine and news articles — has changed over time? A growing body of research suggests the internet is changing how people pay …Continue reading »


Secrets of Online Legal Marketing: The Basics

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If your law firm has ever tinkered with online marketing, whether it’s advertising, search optimization, social media or email marketing, you may have decided: “This can’t work for my practice.” Sometimes that’s the right call. …Continue reading »

Writing Your Book

What Lurks Behind Amazon: Five Things Authors Should Know About the ‘King’ of Self-Publishing

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Many authors speak highly of their experience with Amazon while others call it a necessary evil. As an aspiring author, you should know that you have choices for where you ultimately will sell your book. …Continue reading »

Citations and Linktations

Keeping Online Business Information Listings Up to Date

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Here’s a cautionary tale of why having accurate business information online matters. Recently, I was running a little late picking up pizza for a local event, so I hurriedly asked Siri for the closest Papa John’s …Continue reading »

Well Said!

Associates: Read Your Way to Business Development Success

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In an issue of Strategy+Business, management guru Tom Peters suggests a number of books he considers valuable to read. In the interview, he quotes a respected business leader friend who argues that the No. 1 …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Five Things Law Firms Need to Know About Voice Search

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According to the projections in a VoiceLabs report, about 33 million voice-first devices were in circulation at the start of the year. By voice-first, we mean devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home that …Continue reading »

Content Under PRessure

Create Breakout Bespoke Content That Builds Brands

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The mother lode of content creation is unique content that can be branded as solely belonging to the lawyer or firm. This can be produced and updated quarterly, annually or as news and events require. …Continue reading »