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Law Firm Marketing

Five Onsite Tactics to Optimize Your Law Firm Website Now

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There are countless offsite search engine optimization tactics you can use to promote your website. But what about onsite tactics? Have you thought through your strategy for earning more relevant web traffic, identifying the tactics that are …Continue reading »

Writing Your Book

Go the Self-Publishing Route or Stick with Traditional Publishers? The Pros and Cons

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Novelists such as John Grisham and Meg Gardiner, to name two, are certainly at the top of the publishing heap when it comes to lawyers who have garnered international fame as authors. And let’s not forget …Continue reading »


Five Ways to Make Connections at Avvo Lawyernomics 2018

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Lawyernomics is one of the tentpole legal technology conferences every year. There are only a few other events at the intersection of law and technology that bring you a comparable combination of content, attendees, vendors …Continue reading »

Well Said!

One Shift That Will Improve Business Development Results

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Business development needn’t be complicated, difficult or distressing. However, for many lawyers, it’s all of that. Most of that can be eliminated by a single shift in perspective. Lawyers devote about 150 to 200 hours to …Continue reading »

Google Analytics Tip

UTM Parameters: A Better Way to Keep Tabs on Local Leads

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When it comes to your website and marketing campaigns, data is your best friend. Better decision-making can happen when you better understand how visitors are getting to your site, and what they are doing once …Continue reading »

Building a Presence

Top 10 Attorney Directories Where You Should Be Found

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Online lawyer directories offer an array of benefits, for both marketing your practice and search engine optimization (SEO). These include the ability to participate in community discussions, position your firm as an authority in a …Continue reading »

Nothing But the Ruth!

Blogging for Search Results Domination in Your Niche

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If you’re wondering whether blogging helps with your search engine results, it does. Here’s what happened when I started blogging about a new law. Six Blog Posts to Page One A new law regarding internet and digital …Continue reading »


Eight Questions a Legal Marketer Needs to Ask about SEO Strategy

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Search engine optimization, or SEO, can be a swirl of should-do, could-do, would-do-if-there-was-time … suddenly it’s an alphabet soup and not much has changed for your website. But an SEO workshop earlier this year at LMA …Continue reading »

The Essential Associate

A Young Lawyer’s Path to Prosperity: Build a Powerful Personal Brand

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To borrow a phrase from Charles Dickens, for young lawyers in today’s legal market, it’s both the best of times and the worst of times. Worst of times because there’s no place to hide. Clients …Continue reading »


Three Marketing Best Practices for Lawyers Who Hate Marketing

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When it comes to their skill in the courtroom, or their mastery when engaging clients, lawyers are mostly a confident bunch. When the conversation switches to marketing, however, that happy feeling is often replaced with anxiety, …Continue reading »