Media Relations

PR Checklist

Checklist for Making the Most of Media Mentions

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You know being quoted in the press can be great for your law practice. It provides third-party validation that you’re amazing, right? If you’ve been following Attorney at Work, you’ve already learned plenty about how …Continue reading »

PR on a Budget

Five Ways to Leverage HARO for Media Coverage

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Getting quoted in the media is one of the most effective ways for lawyers to raise their profile, gain credibility as a thought leader and attract clients. However, you may not have the time to …Continue reading »

Get Quoted

Befriending Media Types: You Can Do This

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Why do you find certain lawyers quoted in the press so often? Are they magically on speed-dial with certain outlets? In short, yes. Befriending a reporter is an exercise in social capital. You want to create …Continue reading »


Not Your Grandma’s Public Relations

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In yesteryear, if you wanted to circulate news, you yelled it over the fence. In two minutes your neighbor had all of it. In 20 minutes it was around the block, and in two hours …Continue reading »

Media Relations

How to Make a News Release Work

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First, let’s get some terms straight. These days, journalism schools are teaching students that a “press release” should be called a “news release.” Last time I heard, television, radio, cable and the Web don’t use …Continue reading »

Public Relations

Acing the Interview: How to Behave With the News Media

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What’s the secret to being a great interview? Typically, of course, you have to deliver a real, relevant story “of high consumer interest” to get the news media to pay any attention to you at …Continue reading »

Press Relations

Three Deadly Sins of Crisis PR for Lawyers

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“I won’t dignify that with a response” may sound very “Downton Abbey,” but it won’t get you far when dealing with a potentially reputation-damaging crisis. Still, many litigants and their lawyers choose to handle a …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Five Stories to Get Your Name in the Press

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Go rob a bank. No, wait, that’s too easy. Plus, you may run into ethical issues with the local bar association. Seriously, folks, getting what we call “earned (free) media” is a little tougher to get. …Continue reading »

New Column: Ask the Experts

Advice? I Hate Talking to Reporters

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Question: I hate talking to reporters. You just never know how they might use your words against you. Is there a good way to avoid talking to them without sounding like an ass? Brian Hickey: An …Continue reading »

Package Yourself as a Quotable Expert

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Given that quotable experts are the lifeblood of every news organization, it’s no wonder thousands of public relations outfits are working overtime trying to package their clients as the ‘go to’ source for a specific …Continue reading »