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Use Social Media as if Social Media Didn’t Exist

By | Aug.06.15 | 1 Comment

A long time ago, lawyers earned new business by developing a reputation and building relationships. In the age of the social web, this really hasn’t changed at all … . But somewhere along the way, many …Continue reading »


Online Reviews: Begin (But Don’t End) With Service

By | Apr.20.15 | No Comments

Last week at ABA TECHSHOW in Chicago, Allison Shields and I chatted with lawyers about shaping their online narratives. By now, you should understand that online reviews are part of the new word of mouth. You should also …Continue reading »


Relationships and the Web

By | Jun.04.14 | 4 Comments

Your relationships with clients, colleagues and other referral sources ought to be the focus of your client development process and your web presence. Lawyers regularly ask me questions about the secrets of law firm Internet marketing. …Continue reading »


Conducting Your Social Media Orchestra

By | May.28.14 | 2 Comments

There are so many places to socialize online and way too little time. How can you make all of this socializing more efficient? That’s what this post is about. First, a discussion of several social …Continue reading »

Optimize Your Website!

Draw More Visitors with Better Meta Descriptions

By | Mar.26.14 | 1 Comment

Would you like it if your law firm’s website pages attracted more visitors from search engines? Improving your pages’ meta description tags can help. Most people agree (and Google has stated) that meta description tags aren’t used …Continue reading »


Law Firm SEO Like It’s 1985

By | Feb.18.14 | 4 Comments

The best law firm SEO results come from doing really good authentic marketing. While most people scour the web for the latest magic trick to drive more search traffic to their sites, the real magic …Continue reading »


Searching for Law Firm Website Search Traffic

By | Jan.06.14 | 3 Comments

In the quest to drive traffic to their law firm website, many regard search traffic as the Holy Grail. While both direct traffic and referral traffic can be highly valuable to business development efforts, there …Continue reading »

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Best Online Marketing Advice: Be Authentic

By | Dec.31.13 | 1 Comment

This time last year, we asked Gyi Tsakalakis to gaze into his crystal ball and give his best lawyer marketing predictions — along with his best advice on how to focus your online marketing. The …Continue reading »