It Takes More than a Scanner: What Small Law Firms Must Know to Successfully Go Paperless

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Free on-demand webinar with Nerino Petro According to the International Legal Technology Association, almost half of all legal purchases of imaging, scanning or optical character recognition is made by small law firms.* If you’re among them, …Continue reading »

Tech Tips

Writing With Mind Maps

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When I start to write a document, the ideas in it never get to the page in publishable order. (I know I’m not alone in this.) Pieces of the “story” float about. Many writers feel a …Continue reading »


Scrub Your Document With Microsoft Word Document Inspector

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You spent a lot of time getting that pleading or contract together, and now you’re ready to send it out. The last thing you want to do is inadvertently expose your prior edits or others’ …Continue reading »


Permanently Modifying Word’s Heading Styles

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Microsoft’s idea of attractive headings doesn’t suit most legal documents. But you can permanently change your default heading styles so you can start every new document with headings in the right typeface and font color. Let’s …Continue reading »

Product Spotlight

Three Digital Communications Technologies That Can Make Your Life Easier

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At first glance, communications may seem like a bygone problem for lawyers today. Haven’t smartphones made it easier to stay in constant contact with your clients? It’s true that smartphones offer you more mobility and instant, …Continue reading »

HotDocs Product Spotlight

How Document Assembly Solves Three of Your Biggest Challenges

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Running a law firm in today’s competitive legal market is no simple task. Most firms face similar challenges regardless of their practice areas. Firms often experiment with different techniques and tools to address three of …Continue reading »

Friday Tech Tips Product Review

Ant Text Makes Your Email Work Smarter

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Most states have rules of professional conduct for lawyers to inform clients of the status of their cases and to promptly reply to their reasonable requests for information. An efficient and timely way to comply …Continue reading »

Nothing But the Ruth! Interview

Scott Sigler’s Productivity Secrets: Creating a System

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Being a lawyer and an entrepreneur can be two full-time jobs in one. While we’re zealously representing clients, we also have to market ourselves to keep new clients coming in the door and manage the …Continue reading »


Challenge or Be Challenged: How to Relieve the Pressure of Running a Small Law Firm

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Are you feeling like you can never get out from under the pressure of running a small law firm? Now you have statistics to validate that. When Thomson Reuters published their 2017 State of U.S. Small …Continue reading »


Resetting Default Heading and Body Fonts in Word

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If you’re sick of Calibri and Cambria, change your default heading and body styles so you can start every new Word document with the fonts you prefer. Put Font Frustration Behind You! One of the most persistent …Continue reading »