Play to Win

Your Secret Marketing Weapon

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I’ve noticed that the best rainmakers usually have really good legal administrative assistants (LAAs), and these lawyers are generally very good at engaging their LAAs in activities to nurture existing client relationships and even develop …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Get Real About Marketing

By | Jan.11.13 | 2 Comments

Ready to ratchet up your marketing? Perhaps business is slower than you’d like, or you just don’t like the direction your practice is taking—too much repetition, not enough challenge? Maybe it’s time to refocus your …Continue reading »

Business Development

Didn’t Get the Work? Now What?

By | Aug.13.12 | 9 Comments

It was a formal response to an RFP. Or maybe a pitch you finally made to that client you’ve been softening up for some time. And you were great! But … no, you didn’t get …Continue reading »

Nothing but the Ruth

Introvert’s Survival Guide for Networking Events

By | Jun.20.12 | 3 Comments

I’ll admit it—networking is one of my least favorite parts of my job. I wish everyone just knew who I was, thought I was fabulous and that my phone was ringing off the hook with …Continue reading »

Stop Wasting Your Time on Networking

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Networking. You know you have to do it, but does the thought of engaging in endless awkward conversations at cocktail parties leave you cold? Does another round of seemingly irrelevant meetings of trade or civic …Continue reading »

Marketing 101

SWOT Analysis: Assess Your Marketing Position

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The start of a new year—along with pretty much any other date—is a good time to assess your marketing position and plan for the future. What’s going well? What isn’t? And how to distinguish critical …Continue reading »

Marketing 101

Your Business Development Marching Orders

By | Aug.30.11 | 1 Comment

So you passed the bar. CONGRATULATIONS! Now you are a real lawyer. After the pain and torment of law school and the nerve-jangling business of studying for the bar, you’d think this would be a good time to …Continue reading »


Get Out of the Office!

By | Aug.15.11 | 1 Comment

Social media is great, but it’s no excuse to sit at your desk and think you have completed your networking outreach. Meeting people in person is still the best way to connect. Real-time conversations allow you to gently probe …Continue reading »


Business Development Building Blocks

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Mom had it right: Brush your teeth. Wash your face. Comb your hair. Get to the gym. Make it routine and you won’t suffer the weight of getting things done—you’ll just do them. It’s that …Continue reading »

Law Firm Networks

A Lawyer in Uzbekistan? We’ve Got That

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For decades, law firm networks have helped lawyers build relationships, share referrals and learn all kinds of things from other lawyers outside their markets. Hundreds of networks exist, often organized around a certain type of law firm …Continue reading »