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Highlights: 2015 Apple at Law User Survey

By | Dec.17.15 | 1 Comment

This fall, Attorney at Work collaborated with MILOfest to conduct the “2015 Apple at Law Users Survey,” aimed at getting a snapshot of how law firms are using Apple products. We asked Tom Lambotte, CEO …Continue reading »


BYOD: What’s Your Policy?

By | Mar.27.13 | 2 Comments

By now most everyone is familiar with the “Bring Your Own Device,” or BYOD, trend—meaning the proliferation of lawyer- and staff-owned personal mobile devices used for firm business. But apart from being the latest buzzword, BYOD …Continue reading »


Litigating With Your iPad … on a Desert Island

By | Mar.12.13 | 1 Comment

At a recent seminar on using the iPad in law practice, I was asked: “If you were trying a lawsuit on a desert island and could only take three apps with you, what apps would …Continue reading »

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Revisiting the iPad Keyboard Problem

By | Jan.03.13 | 3 Comments

As the holiday season draws to a close, we’re celebrating Attorney at Work’s second year of delivering “one really good idea every day”—every working day, that is. During this holiday hiatus, we’ve been bringing back some …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Fundamental iPad Tips for Lawyers

By | Dec.07.12 | 1 Comment

Once you unwrap your new iPad, master the most critical tap-and-swipe moves, and buy a few apps and iBooks, you’re pretty much set. It really is that easy. So easy that you may find you …Continue reading »

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No Trick! Take a Treat for Your Tablet

By | Oct.31.12 | No Comments

Beyond standard-issue snap covers, there are some pretty sleek, practical and just plain fun ways to accessorize an iPad (or whatever king-sized or fun-sized tablet is your pleasure). So if you’ve just snagged a new iPad …Continue reading »


“Reasonable Care” in the Cloud: Decision-Making Pointers

By | Oct.18.12 | 6 Comments

Many firms use cloud computing services for remote access to data, email filtering, contacts and calendars, system backups and other hosted IT functions. In particular, lawyers are finding that cloud transfer and storage services (like …Continue reading »


Presenting With Your iPad

By | Aug.20.12 | 3 Comments

You stand at the front of the room to make your presentation, but this time it’s different: You are doing it all with your iPad! With a little preparation and practice, you can use your iPad as …Continue reading »

What Experts Do

The iPad Keyboard “Problem”

By | Aug.08.12 | 12 Comments

We’ve been hearing some mumbling among our iPad-owning colleagues lately. Something about the keyboard? Given that most iPad owners are passionately in love with the device, this grumbling is surprising. Is it an actual flaw? …Continue reading »

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Caveat Editor: Editing Legal Documents on Your iPad

By | Jul.16.12 | 1 Comment

One reason lawyers buy iPads is to work productively away from the office. When it comes to editing legal documents, however, any time saved by working on an iPad may have to be spent, and …Continue reading »