Virtual Practice

Virtual Law

Representing Rural Clients from a Big-City Office: Think Beyond Technology

By | Sep.26.17 | No Comments

In rural areas across the U.S., people are experiencing a unique legal problem: Lawyers are hard to find. Aging rural lawyers are retiring, and no one is around to replace them. This means criminal defendants are …Continue reading »

Virtual Togetherness

Working from Home? Use the Right Tools

By | May.24.16 | 1 Comment

Working from home — even for part of the time — has many advantages. It saves money on office space, reduces time wasted on commuting, and may even help you achieve greater work-life balance. According to …Continue reading »

The Virtual Law Office

Avoiding Isolation in a Virtual Law Practice

By | Jun.05.14 | 1 Comment

You may have contemplated joining a virtual law firm at some point, or creating your own virtual practice. Aside from the initial technological hurdle, a virtual practice can be an easy and welcome new reality. The joy of …Continue reading »


New Math, New Money: New Download!

By | Feb.03.14 | 2 Comments

Yes, it seems we’ve been talking about the big changes coming to the legal profession for a very long time. But when the shift starts making headlines in the general media, it begins to seem more real. …Continue reading »


What Do You Mean by “Virtual Law Firm”?

By | Oct.10.13 | 6 Comments

Virtual Law Practice. The legal industry has not experienced such a trendy concept since “per stirpes” hit the scene back in the day. The virtual concept must be doing something right, though, because it is …Continue reading »


Stephanie Kimbro: The Next Lawyering Frontier

By | Feb.20.13 | 4 Comments

Stephanie Kimbro will speak on “The Consumer Law Revolution: Lawyer Collaboration with Branded Networks” at the Lawyernomics 2013 conference in Las Vegas on April 27. Her topic is a hot one—and as author of three …Continue reading »


Can an Online Lawyer Network Bring You Business?

By | Dec.17.12 | 8 Comments

To some lawyers, the phrase “legal services industry” is a series of bad words. Out with the collegial profession, in with commoditizing legal “products.” But that’s a very shortsighted view. The emergence of the legal services …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Ring Around the Future!

By | Oct.05.12 | 1 Comment

Okay, we know the business of practicing law is in transition. (Some say “crisis”). It is evolving into … something. But what? That’s the question the College of Law Practice Management wrestles with each year …Continue reading »

The Friday Five: Practice Tools

Why Skype? Get Google Hangouts

By | Jul.20.12 | 5 Comments

Beginning today, Attorney at Work is introducing a monthly “practice tools” edition of our regular Friday Five—five great ways to use a new product (or five reasons you should or should not) … or five …Continue reading »

Lawyers: CYA When Working from Mobile Devices

By | May.01.12 | 2 Comments

One of the benefits of being a lawyer with a laptop, tablet or smartphone is that you really can work anywhere with access to Wi-Fi and your files. But the question of security must be …Continue reading »