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Write Like People Read

By | Jul.09.18 | No Comments

Have you noticed that the way you read websites, emails, text messages — even magazine and news articles — has changed over time? A growing body of research suggests the internet is changing how people pay …Continue reading »

Content Under Pressure

Turning “What I Did on My Summer Vacation” Into Usable Content

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As a writer of both fiction and nonfiction, I subscribe to a special email list and follow several social media accounts that provide writing prompts. When they connect with our latent creative juices, writing prompts …Continue reading »

Writing Your Book

What Lurks Behind Amazon: Five Things Authors Should Know About the ‘King’ of Self-Publishing

By | Jun.27.18 | 1 Comment

Many authors speak highly of their experience with Amazon while others call it a necessary evil. As an aspiring author, you should know that you have choices for where you ultimately will sell your book. …Continue reading »

Tech Tips

Writing With Mind Maps

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When I start to write a document, the ideas in it never get to the page in publishable order. (I know I’m not alone in this.) Pieces of the “story” float about. Many writers feel a …Continue reading »

Content Under PRessure

Create Breakout Bespoke Content That Builds Brands

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The mother lode of content creation is unique content that can be branded as solely belonging to the lawyer or firm. This can be produced and updated quarterly, annually or as news and events require. …Continue reading »

Writing Your Book

Go the Self-Publishing Route or Stick with Traditional Publishers? The Pros and Cons

By | May.16.18 | 1 Comment

Novelists such as John Grisham and Meg Gardiner, to name two, are certainly at the top of the publishing heap when it comes to lawyers who have garnered international fame as authors. And let’s not forget …Continue reading »

Content Under Pressure

Building Endurance Into Your Content Strategy

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Producing content that serves readers and the business objectives of the publisher — in this case, your law practice — is the No. 1 goal of a content strategy. Building an effective body of content …Continue reading »

Writing Your Book

Self-Publishing Takes More Than One Self

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Self-publishing isn’t “self” publishing. Sure, it’s true that with the advent of digital technology, publishing a book is now easier and quicker than ever, and not nearly as intimidating. But it takes a team of professionals …Continue reading »

One of a Kind

Publish on LinkedIn Pulse to Establish Expertise

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Lawyers often lament: “I’ve been on LinkedIn for years, but I’ve never experienced any benefit from it.” What most mean is: “I’ve never gotten any work from it.” Lack of LinkedIn success is due to …Continue reading »

Writing Tips from Gary Kinder

Words Matter: Writing the First Three Sentences

By | Aug.05.14 | 1 Comment

Lawyer, writer and writing instructor Gary Kinder wants lawyers to get to the point quickly in their communications with clients. “Too often lawyers write a letter to the client and won’t tell them the answer to the …Continue reading »