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Client Service

Six Ways to Elevate Your Client Satisfaction Game

We smiled when we read the name of Diana Stepleton’s upcoming session at this year’s MILOfest:”Hugging Your Clients.” Client service is one thing, but making your clients feel they have been hugged is something else ...

Diana Stepleton - October 27, 2015
play to win legal marketing with queen of hearts card

Running a Client Team

Much has been written and said about the value of forming client teams, but a recent conversation made me realize not all lawyers understand what that actually means.

Sally J. Schmidt - October 26, 2015
Freelance Outsource

Give Your Clients the Most by Outsourcing

In law as in child-rearing, your clients need you to do certain things for them. They need your love in the form of guidance and counsel. They need you to be the expert in their needs, to guide them through the best course of action, and to ...

Nicole Bradick - September 30, 2015

Three Need-To-Knows About Website Legal Agreements

If you have clients that do business online, you most likely have been called upon to prepare various website legal agreements. Depending on the website, you may be drafting Terms of Use, Privacy Policies, or other types of agreements. Before ...

Brian Powers - June 30, 2015
client service

It’s Complicated: Respect Client Schedules and Language Needs

In "Accommodating Clients with Special Needs," we talked about steps you can take to provide superior service to older adults and people with disabilities. But "special needs" can also apply to clients who are full-time caregivers or busy ...

Mary Lokensgard - June 29, 2015
client service

Accommodating Clients with Special Needs

When setting up your office and your office procedures, you need to focus on creating a good experience for your clients. You create that good experience by showing your competence and respect for them, and by making the process as predictable ...

Mary Lokensgard - June 15, 2015
client service

Caring for Clients: When a Lawyer Isn’t Enough

Clients bring issues to you every day that aren’t, strictly speaking, legal issues. Maybe your business client needs a new accountant because the last one got her sued. Or your litigation client is so distraught he can’t work with you (or anyone ...

Mary Lokensgard - June 2, 2015
client service

Positive Client Experience? How to Improve Hospitality in the Office

“I’m tired of hearing about ‘improving the client experience.’ People come to me because I do excellent work. They don’t care if I’m nice.” Might sound familiar, but it’s only half right. Your clients expect you to do your ...

Mary Lokensgard - May 21, 2015
T-Rex with open mouth Otto Sorts

A Fool for a Client? Be More Self-Aware

She needs to just get on board,” Bob complained. “I keep telling her what to do, but she won't stop trying to second-guess me.” As I listened to his complaints, I wondered if he had even tried to hear what Mary wanted to say. She was pretty ...

Otto Sorts - May 13, 2015

Five Opportunities to Turn Gossip into Money

Even in the biggest cities, the legal community can be surprisingly small. Within a practice area everybody seems to know everybody else. Walk down your city’s legal Main Street or hang out at the courthouse, and you can’t seem to avoid the ...

Theda C. Snyder - April 30, 2015