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Client Service

T-Rex with open mouth Otto Sorts

A Fool for a Client? Be More Self-Aware

She needs to just get on board,” Bob complained. “I keep telling her what to do, but she won't stop trying to second-guess me.” As I listened to his complaints, I wondered if he had even tried to hear what Mary wanted to say. She was pretty ...

Otto Sorts - May 13, 2015

Five Opportunities to Turn Gossip into Money

Even in the biggest cities, the legal community can be surprisingly small. Within a practice area everybody seems to know everybody else. Walk down your city’s legal Main Street or hang out at the courthouse, and you can’t seem to avoid the ...

Theda C. Snyder - April 30, 2015

You’re a Service, Not a Product: Act the Part and Market Right

Apple does something amazing. Of course, they do a lot of amazing things as they weave their technology into our personal and professional DNA, but they've nailed one thing for sure: the services side of their products. Just walk into an Apple ...

Marriott Murdock - April 14, 2015
Client Portals

Web-Based Client Portals: Benefits to Clients

In the first post in this series, attorney and MyCase Director Nicole Black introduced the concept of law practice management software platforms with built-in client portals. In part two, she outlined the benefits that web-based client portals ...

Nicole Black - November 20, 2014
getting clients title showing three people

Five Questions to Ask a New Client

It's one of the fundamentals they drummed into you in law school: It is your job to know the answers. That's why clients seek your help, right? How you prove you are smart, and why they pay your bills? Well, yes and no. In many cases, it's less ...

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton - October 17, 2014
Man with index finger pointed up Get to the Point

The 1-2 Punch to Fix What’s Wrong with Email

Sending an email is fast, and you can transmit at any hour, but that may be where the effectiveness and efficiency ends. Remember the bad old days of telephone tag? You would waste time swapping phone messages until you could finally have a ...

Theda C. Snyder - October 6, 2014
Client Service

Think Like a Client: Mind the Gap

Let’s face it: Lawyers don’t think, talk or write like regular people. We’re trained not to. The systems we work in are bewildering. The language we speak is full of specialized terms. The documents we create are both written in our language and ...

Mary Lokensgard - September 16, 2014
Friday Five Trending

Trending: Client Service

What’s the biggest predictor of a law firm’s success? Hint: It’s not the firm’s bottom line. The No. 1 thing impacting a firm’s long-term viability is client satisfaction. Several articles over the past month highlighted the need for firms to ...

Kandy Hopkins - July 25, 2014
The Welcome Mat

First Client Meeting: Is Yours a Welcoming Law Office?

Does your practice project a welcoming image — or are you sending a different message to prospective clients? In his "Welcome Mat" series, Oklahoma attorney Noble McIntyre offers tips on creating a welcoming law office — from telephone ...

Noble McIntyre - March 25, 2014

Managing the Aggressive Client: Your Roof, Your Rules

My last post on managing aggressive clients discussed the importance of your "first response." Now we forge bravely ahead to using your physical environment to your advantage. Aggressive clients need to know that while they are under your roof, ...

Ryan Sullivan - February 4, 2014