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Client Service

Transforming the Needy Client

The needy client is a multifaceted and challenging customer, usually driven by the forces of overwhelming anxiety. Although they appear in different guises, your rudimentary needy client is easy to recognize based on the unusually large number ...

Ryan Sullivan - December 4, 2013
Virtual Practice

Losing New Clients to Your Jaded Attitude?

After a certain amount of time on the front lines answering intake phone calls, you and your staff can become jaded and insensitive to callers looking for a lawyer. This is common and natural. It can also cost you tens of thousands of dollars in ...

Ryan Pitz - September 25, 2013

What Do Clients Want? It’s Screamingly Obvious

I suppose there are still lawyers and law firms out there asking themselves the question: “What is it that clients want?” Some of them continue to invest a substantial amount of money and time in detailed surveys of their existing clients, ...

Jordan Furlong - August 27, 2013
Nothing But the Ruth

What’s Your Law Firm’s Red Velvet Rope Policy?

When I hear the phrase “red velvet rope,” I picture a Studio 54-esque scene with a line of people outside of a night club who are either on the VIP list or hoping they're hot enough to convince the bouncer to let them through. Many of us have ...

Ruth Carter - August 20, 2013

What Entrepreneurs Expect from Their Lawyers

As the world moves faster (and it does, doesn’t it?), you have to move faster, too, not only to keep up, but to amaze and astound your clients in a highly competitive field. While it may not astound them, your ability to quickly create, ...

Nitin Gupta - August 14, 2013

Five Roadblocks That Can Repel a Good Client

Recently, I needed a lawyer while out of state. I knew enough to know the law was different there — and that I was definitely going to need some expert advice. I also know more than a few things about how to find and engage a good lawyer. I ...

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton - June 28, 2013

Secret Shopping Your Law Firm

Taking an occasional step back to put yourself in your clients' shoes can be one of the most valuable ways to improve your client service.

Chelsey Lambert - June 19, 2013
getting clients title showing three people

Five Ways to Surprise Your Clients (In a Good Way)

It's so comfortable to tell yourself all your clients want is for you to efficiently complete the matter, give them the bill and get out of the way. Comfortable for you, but not quite true. That's just what clients ask for. It's like those ...

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton - May 31, 2013

How’s Your Law Practice’s Curb Appeal?

Ever open up Google Hangouts or Skype to hear someone (okay, you) say, “Cripes! Where did that come from?” when the camera captures a side of your office you rarely notice? It’s not your bobblehead collection. It’s that sloppy stack of papers ...

Joan Feldman - May 17, 2013

Client Service: Happy Clients Can Set Lawyers Apart

It’s not always easy to convince lawyers that they should care more about client service. Too many genuinely believe their legal expertise is paramount—the only thing that truly matters when establishing their law practice’s reputation. ...

Roy S. Ginsburg - May 14, 2013