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Client Service

Things Lawyers Hate to Hear Their Clients Say—and How to Respond

Wrapping up an Attorney at Work week devoted to "This Business of Clients," Edge International's Gerry Riskin takes on the tough one: How to respond to the awkward, infuriating, soul-sucking questions you occasionally get from clients. You know ...

Gerry Riskin - June 15, 2012

When Is a Lawyer Like a Barber?

When it gets right down to it, what lawyers do is all about clients. Those wonderful, awful, charming, annoying, challenging and gratifying people who actually pay you to do your work. So we are declaring it "This Business of Clients" ...

Roy S. Ginsburg - June 11, 2012
When You Need a Do-Over- 5 Ways to Get Your Meeting Back on Track

When You Need a Do-Over: 5 Ways to Get Your Meeting Back on Track

Uh oh. You’re at the start of a meeting or a client presentation and it takes a sharp left turn. Perhaps you misjudged your audience or suddenly you realize you are horrifyingly off topic. Or, more commonly, you may have inadvertently hit a hot ...

Mary Ellen Sullivan - May 21, 2012

Denney’s 20 Marketing Maxims

Every lawyer wrestles with getting and keeping clients. It is, after all, hard stuff! And it’s actually quite normal to constantly wonder: “Where do I start?” “Are we spending enough or too much … on the wrong things?” ...

Bob Denney - March 5, 2012

Client Service: Make It More than a Buzzword

Many firms talk about the importance of cross-selling—or cross-marketing, if you prefer—their clients. The problem is that you must serve the client before you can cross-market to the client. Too many firms fail to realize this and then wonder ...

Bob Denney - February 7, 2012

Annoy Your Clients Less: Five Steps

We live in a ratings-focused economy. Never has it been easier for consumers who’ve experienced bad service to share their stories—in near real-time—with the world on Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List or Twitter. And attorneys are not immune. Clients ...

Matthew Homann - January 11, 2012

Ten Ways Small Firms Can Compete

Turbulence in the legal profession, and the business world itself, make these difficult and unusual times. The loss or consolidation of so many venerable law firms has altered the competitive landscape for firms of all sizes. It’s likely, for ...

Bruce W. Marcus - December 8, 2011

First, Figure Out Your Billing Strategy

When I started my own commercial litigation boutique last year, I gave serious thought to abandoning the much-maligned billable hour. After all, we all know the criticisms: The billable hour rewards inefficiency, places the lawyer’s interests at ...

John H. Snyder - September 8, 2011
getting clients title showing three people

Laffy Taffy or Hershey Kiss?

Innovation is the cornerstone of our economy. Finding new ways to do things, unique things to sell and better ways to sell them—that’s what it's all about. How does this apply to your law practice?

Merrilyn Astin Tarlton - August 24, 2011

Now for Something Completely Different

Have you noticed that nearly everyone who writes about the legal profession and practice management these days seems fixated on innovation? Either that or leadership—but mostly innovation. Here’s our theory: When people start talking about ...

The Editors - August 19, 2011