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Growth and Strategy

Five Reasons You Should Care About “NewLaw”

You've heard the buzzword. You've seen the hashtag. And perhaps you've found yourself asking, at some point, "Just what is 'NewLaw'? More importantly, why should I be remotely interested in it?" Having recently set out to Jordan Furlong - May 16, 2014

law practice management

Strategic Planning: Not Just for Big Law Firms

If you know their names — and there's a good chance you do — you may think of Peter Giuliani and John Remsen as consultants who advise AmLaw 200 firms. But today they are also the experts for the Association of Legal Administrators' edition of ...

The Editors - April 28, 2014
Giant Business man shaking hands with small business man

Shrink to Grow Your Law Practice

To grow your law practice, you have to get more clients, right? But is that really the best growth strategy? Not necessarily. For many law firms, the right strategy is to get better, not bigger. Pursuing growth — more clients, more billable ...

Jay Harrington - April 24, 2014
Evolutionary Road

Speed Your Law Practice Down the Evolutionary Road

It feels good to put your law firm's business strategy into action, doesn't it? No more time spent dithering over whether to spend the odd $50 on a banquet ticket. No more games of "my prospect is more important than yours!" You say you don't ...

The Editors - June 27, 2013

Finding a Cure for the Client Experience

Many clients behave like their lawyers are doctors. They only visit us when they face serious problems that require an expensive and time-consuming fix. They are unhappy when they walk in, mad that they are there in the first place, mad that ...

Antigone Peyton - February 28, 2013

Working On Your Practice … Or In It?

The Allied Command in World War II spent more than two years preparing for D-Day. When asked about the plan—which resulted in the successful Allied invasion of occupied France—General Dwight D. Eisenhower commented, “The plans were useless, but ...

Michael Baker - July 23, 2012

Are You a Copycat or a Competitor?

It’s a word that trips off the tongue without stopping to visit the brain on the way out. We use it all the time—and then ignore it as we go about the business of marketing our practices. That word, that concept, is "competition." When somebody ...

Bruce W. Marcus - April 11, 2012

Online Marketing Strategies for Small Budgets

There's no reason a smaller firm's online marketing program can't be just as successful as a megafirm's—even with a much smaller budget. But it does require focus. No more knee-jerk decisions, no more keeping up with the Jones’s—and certainly no ...

Kim Proxmire - March 6, 2012

How to Sell More Services

If you were selling fruit and customers wanted to buy apples, wouldn’t you make sure you had apples? And wouldn't you let them know you had apples? Of course you would. But this simple scenario gets so much more complicated when you're selling ...

Kristin Zhivago - February 16, 2012

Creating a Strategic Marketing Plan

Operating without a strategic marketing plan is like constructing a building without a blueprint. You can do it, but chances are you won't like the outcome. With a blueprint, the builder knows whether it will be a shed or a cathedral. Likewise, ...

Kim Proxmire - February 2, 2012