Gyi Tsakalakis helps lawyers put their best foot forward online because clients are looking for them there. He is a co-founder of AttorneySync, a digital marketing agency for law firms. Gyi writes Attorney at Work's Optimize! column. You can find more of his writing at Attorney at WorkLawyerist and Avvo's Lawyernomics blog. You can ask him a question (or just say hi) at LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

The Friday Five

Five Best Practices for Law Firm Content Marketing

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Blockbuster became dominant in the video rental business by offering convenience and selection — more stores and more titles than its competitors. Then Netflix came along offering even more convenience — more selection delivered right …Continue reading »

Enterprising Lawyers

Using Tech to Expand the Pro Bono Provider Pie

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When the phrase “legal tech” comes to mind, it's usually associated with the tools that propel law firm operations, or even automating tasks otherwise performed by lawyers to reduce corporate legal spend. But what if legal …Continue reading »

Curmudgeon's Perspective

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." – Edmund Burke It's been a while since I've posted in this column. But the release of the new Jurassic World …Continue reading »

Analog Attorney

House Stationery Is the New Black

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Image is critical. You know this. It’s embedded in every design decision you make for your practice. You labored over your website and dropped a significant wad of cash to make it look good. Your …Continue reading »

 2Civility Q&A

Can Lawyers Ethically Store and Transmit Client Info in the Cloud?

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QUESTION: Our law firm would like to reduce our paper and physical storage use and costs by “going to the cloud” with our data. Before we invest in training our attorneys and staff, how do …Continue reading »

Access to Justice Q&A

Ann Pruitt of TALS: Promoting Legal Wellness Via Technology

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In Attorney at Work's new Q&A series, Mary Juetten checks in with leaders and entrepreneurs working to solve the access to justice problem. This time: Ann Pruitt of TALS. I met Ann Jarvis Pruitt, Executive Director of …Continue reading »

Managing: Product Review

Straight Edge: The New Westlaw Is Defined by Deep Search, Data Analytics

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The next Westlaw Next is here and it’s called Edge. I’m not entirely sure if that’s an homage to what Microsoft is now calling its browser. I imagine not — and let me tell you candidly …Continue reading »

Part Two

Secrets of Online Legal Marketing: Managing the Pipeline

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You can spend thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns, but if you are not managing them well, you will waste a lot of money. In Part One, we talked about the basics of online legal marketing: …Continue reading »

Get to the Point!

Nym Words: Sufferin’ Suffixes

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Words with the suffix “–nym” pop up regularly. Some are common, but many of the 46 words with this suffix are not. “Nym” derives from the Greek word for name or word. Don’t include obscure –nym …Continue reading »


Using Styles to Create an Automated Table of Contents

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A lot of Word users resist using Styles without realizing how many tasks they could do faster and easier with them. Case in point: an automatically updating table of contents. First, Tag Your Heads with Headings …Continue reading »