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Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers, 2nd Edition


By Gina F. Rubel

Written for lawyers and legal marketers, this no-nonsense, easy-to-read book delivers hands-on advice on all critical aspects of modern public relations — from the dos and don’ts of media relations to controlling the message to harnessing the power of the internet and social media. You will learn the basics of strategic PR for business development and firm growth, along with templates and checklists you can use to execute your plan.

New in the 2nd Edition: Learn the key items you need to include in your firm’s crisis communications plan.

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Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers is a must-read for modern lawyers navigating the often-daunting world of PR and crisis management.” —C. Michael “Mike” Futrell

In her new book, public relations and communications specialist Gina Rubel covers everything you need to know about promoting yourself, your firm and your practice:

  • Start your PR journey by walking through the strategic planning process.
  • Learn how to establish ethical and measurable public relations goals and objectives.
  • Define how you want to be perceived, identify your key messages, and determine your target audiences.
  • Execute your plan with effective communications and smart media outreach.


Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers: Practical Guidance for Legal Marketers, Seasoned Lawyers, New Associates, and Law Students

The updated and expanded second edition includes everything you need to know about modern law firm public relations:

  • Chapter 1:  Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers: A Primer
  • Chapter 2:  Steps in Law Firm Public Relations Planning
  • Chapter 3:  Putting the Media to Work for You
  • Chapter 4:  Writing for Thought Leadership
  • Chapter 5:  Leveraging Speaking Engagements
  • Chapter 6:  Special Events that Get Attention
  • Chapter 7:  Law Firm Awards, Ratings, and Directories
  • Chapter 8:  Media Outreach Tools
  • Chapter 9:  Leave a Lasting Impression
  • Chapter 10:  Social Media Engagement (greatly expanded in 2nd Edition)
  • Chapter 11:  How to Measure Public Relations
  • Chapter 12:  Legal Marketing Ethics New in the 2nd Edition
  • Chapter 13:  Planning for a Crisis  New in the 2nd Edition


Gina RubelGina F. Rubel is the CEO of Furia Rubel Communications, Inc. Corporate and law firm leaders call on Gina for high-stakes public relations, crisis planning, and incident response support including high profile litigation media relations. One of the most widely acknowledged experts on legal marketing and law firm public relations, Gina Rubel is a sought-after speaker and media expert. Listed among the 2018 Lawdragon Global 100 Leading Consultants and Strategists to the Legal Profession, Gina founded and continues to lead Furia Rubel Communications, the award-winning PR and marketing agency that has become a leading legal marketing and professional service communications boutique.

Learn more about Gina at www.FuriaRubel.com, and follow her @FuriaRubel.


“Having worked with Gina for many years as our Am Law 200 law firm’s head of public relations, it is apparent that she practices what she preaches. Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers covers every aspect of public relations and how, strategically, it should be incorporated into every law firm’s business development and clients’ service objectives. This is a must-read for lawyers and legal marketers, alike. It is written in such a way to make in-house marketers’ jobs easier while teaching lawyers to value and how to engage in strategic communications.”
—Jasmine Trillos-Decarie, Chief Client Service Officer, Stoel Rives LLP

“We find ourselves in a time when it is increasingly important for law firms to define themselves, to set out their personalities in ways that go beyond their competencies. Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers goes a long way to explaining and examining the role of public relations and the need to think of this role strategically within the framework of law firm marketing. Lawyers often think of the ethics of advertising, but not the ethics of public relations, and, in fact, those creating the ethics rules do not tend to separate out this aspect of marketing. As a result, Gina ends with an important overview of the regulations of lawyer marketing as a whole, providing up-to-date information about recent ABA changes along with reactions from marketing experts.”
—Will Hornsby, Professional Responsibility Attorney and former 30-year Staff Counsel at the American Bar Association

“Gina understands public relations and crisis communications for law firms and their clients. I respect and appreciate her professionally and personally. The commitment, integrity, knowledge of and passion for her work stand out.”
—Tara D. Phoenix, Director of Continuing Legal Education, Philadelphia Bar Association

“Gina has crafted a pragmatic, accessible, forward-thinking framework for legal marketers to effectively incorporate public and media relations into their strategic communications plans. The text is constructed to engage all skill levels and to provide an appropriate and ethical roadmap around thought leadership, firm positioning, and attorney sourcing. She deftly leverages her vast network of legal marketing pros to offer candid observations, insights, and cautionary tales from the frontlines of this rapidly evolving industry. In this second edition, Gina integrated the latest developments—be they tech, ABA rule changes, social media and the like—without straying from the bedrock of exceptional media/PR principles, making this book essential reading for even the most seasoned legal leaders.”
—Roy E. Sexton, Director of Marketing, Clark Hill PLC

“Gina Rubel gets it! Insightful and practical, readers will leave armed with the information they need to control their narrative, enhance their professional image, work with (not against) the media, and improve their communication strategies. This is a must-read for lawyers who are interested in promoting themselves, their firms, and their practices.”
—Lara Hamm, Director of Communications and Public Relations, Jackson Lewis P.C.

“This book gives readers the opportunity to benefit from Gina Rubel’s years of experience as both a top PR and marketing expert and an accomplished attorney. Gina provides not only strategies but also the essential tactics that smart lawyers and firms need to grasp in order to succeed in today’s competitive legal marketplace.”
—Chris Fritsch, President, CLIENTSFirst

“What I like about Gina’s book is the universality of the tips and advice. You can apply her step-by-step PR and marketing strategies regardless of where you practice law. As a lawyer myself, the book was very appealing to me and which is why I also agreed to edit it. Read this book and learn from one of the best experts.”
—Sneha Ashtikar, Esq., Managing Editor, Leaders League, Paris, France

Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers is insightful, engaging, easy to read, and effective in its delivery of essential information. Gina uses her gift of compelling storytelling to guide time-pressed lawyers on a path to success in raising and protecting their reputation, building relationships with prospects, and expanding business with existing clients.”
—Susan C. Freeman, CEO, Freeman Means Business

Everyday Public Relations for Lawyers is a must-read for modern lawyers navigating the often-daunting world of PR and crisis management. This easy-to-understand guide is applicable to the junior associate and the senior partner, alike, in law firms both big and small, balancing best practices with the ABA Code of Conduct. When implemented, the results will yield a plan of action for maximum impact and effect. As a lawyer herself, Gina delivers real value in a language lawyers can appreciate.” —C. Michael “Mike” Futrell, J.D., M.B.A., City Manager, City of South San Francisco

“Gina Rubel’s book is a must-read for any law firm or professional services firm interested in implementing a results-generating public relations program. Gina combined her years of experience, track record, and expert knowledge to write this book, which is comprehensive, useful, and a handy resource.”
—Julie Savarino, Attorney & Client Service Executive, Business Development Inc.

“Two bright lawyers, equally skilled. Lawyer A has a national reputation and an enormous, ongoing stream of the most interesting business; Lawyer B ekes out a living. Lawyer B should have bought Gina’s book.”
—Ross Fishman, Esq., President, Ross Fishman Marketing, Inc.

“Imagine taking everything you have learned and perfected over more than two decades, documenting it, adding examples and anecdotes, and then unselfishly sharing it with others. That is exactly what Gina Rubel has done. Every chapter is filled with useful information for lawyers and legal marketers in firms of all sizes. Gina has poured her years of legal PR and crisis management prowess and success strategies into this book. She shares strategies and tactics for lawyers and legal marketers alike to experience the same success she has garnered for her company and clients.”
—Trish Lilley, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Stroock

“In this book, Gina Rubel demonstrates why she is an award-winning professional with deep knowledge in public relations. In today’s competitive, crowded market, it is vitally important to understand and leverage the power of communication. With easily understood, digestible information, this book shows readers how to deliver targeted messages to specific audiences that help them achieve their marketing goals and get heard above the noise. Busy lawyers who want a better return on the time spent on PR activities will benefit from learning what works, whether all at once or by chapter, from an highly-respected expert. Whether your firm is a solo, small, regional, medium, or large law firm, this book should be part of every lawyer’s marketing toolkit.”
—Catherine Alman MacDonagh, JD, CEO and Founder, Legal Lean Sigma Institute LLC

“Gina Rubel has used her PR prowess to create a go-to manual for lawyers and legal marketers. Distilled from more than two decades of her experiences leading a successful PR and marketing agency and working with a range of law firms on everything from practice launches to crisis management, Gina shares useful examples, anecdotes, strategies, tactics and best practices to lead lawyers, law firms and marketers to success.”
—Arielle Lapiano, Director of Communications and Public Relations, Paul Hastings

Format: 6 x 9 softcover.
181 pages.

© Copyright 2019 by Gina Rubel

Published by Attorney at Work, Lake Zurich, Illinois.
Illustrations © iStockPhoto.com

When ordering 10 or more copies at a time, contact us directly at mark@attorneyatwork.com for the bulk ordering discount.

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