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Evolutionary Road: A Strategic Guide to Your Law Firm’s Future (Digital Edition)


By Jordan Furlong

Tired of hearing the legal profession is in crisis? Jordan Furlong cuts through the chaos with a clear depiction of what the future holds for lawyers and their firms. Includes companion discussion guide and planning tools.


“Jordan Furlong is always worth reading.”Richard Susskind, Author of Tomorrow’s Lawyers

“… it is a necessary read for lawyers who expect to practice beyond 2017, and I highly recommend it. Read it and be prepared to think differently about the future of this profession.”Matt Homann, The [non] Billable Hour

“Evolutionary Road is refreshingly externally oriented. And it offers hope for those firms that grasp the nettle of strategic change.” “A very useful handbook for law firm strategy.”Dr. George Beaton, Beaton Capital

“Got it. Read it. Enjoyed it. Well done. I’ll be using it as my go to reference as we go through our planning cycle this year.” — Mark Tamminga, Gowlings

“Legal industry forecaster Jordan Furlong has an exceptionally high accuracy rate in forecasting the direction and fate of the legal market. His new e-book Evolutionary Road provides both retrospective and prospective views into the legal marketplace as well as a practical strategic discussion guide.”  — Kristina Lambright, 3 Geeks and a Law Blog

Now that we’ve established agreement on the fact that big change is coming to the profession, wouldn’t it be more helpful if we could talk about what that big change is going to be? Enter Jordan Furlong and Evolutionary Road, his new strategic guide to the future of the legal services marketplace.

An insightful analyst of the legal profession for 15 years — first as Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Bar Association’s National magazine and now via his award-winning blog, Law21: Dispatches from a Legal Profession on the Edge — he is in demand as a compelling speaker and consultant on the subject of innovation and the future of the profession.

In this new book from Attorney at Work, Furlong envisions and details an evolutionary timeline consisting of five distinct stages of development for the legal profession:

  • The Closed Market
  • The Breached Market
  • The Fully Open Market
  • The Expanding Market
  • The Multidimensional Market

He teams discussion of the timeline with essays on Regulation, Law Schools, Competition and Pricing to deliver the mind-bending whole in an orderly and easy-to-digest context — complete with a Companion Discussion Guide to help your firm start planning for the future today.

How Evolutionary Road Can Help Your Law Firm
Smart law firms large and small will use this 40-page book to tee up effective strategic planning and market innovation.

Evolutionary Road is an ideal blueprint for annual retreats and partnership planning meetings. Plus, its easy-to-use discussion guide includes specific facilitation exercises and discussion starters prepared in collaboration with Attorney at Work.

About the Author
Jordan Furlong is a legal industry analyst and consultant based in Ottawa, Canada. He is a principal with the global consulting firm Edge International and a senior consultant with legal web development company Stem Legal Web Enterprises. He is a Fellow in the College of Law Practice Management. He specializes in delivering dynamic and thought-provoking presentations to law firms, practice groups, and legal organizations about the future of the legal marketplace at a time of unprecedented change.

Length: 40 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9895293-3-4
Publisher: Attorney at Work (June 2013)
Sold by: Attorney at Work

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