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The Articulate Advocate: Persuasive Skills for Lawyers in Trials, Appeals, Arbitrations, and Motions


By Brian K. Johnson and Marsha Hunter

Other trial advocacy books teach you what to say in the courtroom; this book teaches you how to say it – persuasively.


Fully revised second edition of the foundational book helps advocates speak more confidently to persuade their audiences.

“This book is an essential part of the tool kit for anyone who really wants to be a skilled advocate. It is an investment in you, your career, and your clients.”
─ Jami Wintz McKeon, Chair, Morgan Lewis and Bockius LLP

In the fully updated second edition of their groundbreaking book, Brian K. Johnson and Marsha Hunter teach attorneys how to develop a distinctly individual style adaptable to any advocacy challenge. While the first edition focused on trial lawyers, this new, second edition is expanded to be inclusive of jury trials, bench trials, mock trials, motions practice, appeals, and arbitrations.

The Articulate Advocate provides immediately useful techniques for advocates to:

  • Channel that initial adrenaline buzz.
  • Grab and hold the fact finder’s attention.
  • Gesture while speaking, showing while telling.
  • Speak in phrases and control your pace.
  • Plan to forget, then recover with confidence.
  • Practice productively to be primed to perform.

The new edition includes a new chapter on applying skills to the specific stages of trial, a section on working with electronic evidence, all new illustrations, and added appendices on delivery skills for arbitrations, motions, and appeals.

Hunter comments, “Trial skills are specific and teachable, and every great trial lawyer has to learn them. Brian Johnson and I observe lawyers in action, and then coach them one-on-one. We teach the stylistic, persuasive technique of speaking well while thinking as a trial lawyer in action: addressing fact finders, coping with objections, remembering the best arguments, and thinking on your feet. This new edition of The Articulate Advocate contains our best ideas, distilled after working with tens of thousands of lawyers over the years.”

About the Authors

Brian K. Johnson and Marsha Hunter are communication consultants who train attorneys to speak confidently and persuasively in all settings. They are principals in Johnson & Hunter, Inc., with legal clients in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe. For decades, they have been communication specialists for the National Institute for Trial Advocacy and they train all new Assistant United States Attorneys at the Department of Justice National Advocacy Center. Their in-house clients include firms that occupy the top 50 in annual lists as well as half of the Wall Street Journal’s “fearsome foursome” of litigation.

Format: Trade Paperback
Publication: March 2016
Publisher: Crown King Books
Price: $24.99 US
Hardcover and e-formats available from the publisher.

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