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Winning at Local Search: The Nifty Guide to Online Marketing for Lawyers


By Mike Ramsey

The secret to successful online marketing is being easy to find. Local search marketing expert Mike Ramsey guides you through creating directory listings, getting online reviews, tracking your efforts, using paid ads — and designing a website that captures more clients.


It’s not easy to get found on the Internet. As more clients turn directly to the Internet to find that one special lawyer — right town, right skills, good track record — marketing your practice can feel like trying to break the Enigma Code while juggling. The good news is there is a developing science around local search, and Nifty Marketing CEO Mike Ramsey is one of its genuine pioneers. In this new book, he combines the latest word on online search tactics with common sense marketing advice — handing you a straight-shooting action plan for getting found when the right clients come looking for a lawyer.

Definitely a not a “for dummies” guide. Ramsey dishes up expert tips, tricks and advice from the trenches about search engine dos and dont’s, directory listings, site design, paid online advertising, client reviews — and getting links, likes and shares. Plus, his personal list of awesome online resources links you to the up-to-date information you need to stay on top of the local search game.

For every lawyer struggling to unlock the mysteries of getting found on the Internet, this 60-page book contains the key.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1   The Basics: Local Search Marketing for Lawyers
CHAPTER 2   Formulating Your Directory Strategy
CHAPTER 3   Getting Online Reviews for Your Law Practice
CHAPTER 4   Designing the Best Law Firm Website
CHAPTER 5   Tracking and Testing Online Marketing Efforts
CHAPTER 6   Getting Likes, Links and Shares for Your Website
CHAPTER 7   Investing in Paid Online Advertising


  • Lawyers’ Top 10 Local Search Marketing Questions
  • Awesome Online Marketing Resources
  • Helpful Links

About the Author

Mike RamseyMike Ramsey is President of Nifty Marketing, a local search marketing company with offices in Boise and Burley, Idaho. Mike is passionate about helping good people and good businesses grow and launched NiftyLaw as a place for lawyers to learn how to handle the ins and outs of online marketing. He takes part in the Local Search Ranking Factors, an annual leading industry study, and is a faculty member on the Local University tour. Outside of search, Mike spends his time with his wife and children and is heavily involved in his local community. Recent projects have been starting and selling a Southern Idaho weekly print newspaper, playing the part of Enjorlas in his community’s production of “Les Miserables,” and working with the youth at his church. You can follow Mike on Twitter at @mikeramsey or Google+ at +Mike Ramsey.

ISBN: 978-0-9895293-2-7
Format: 7.5 x 9.25 Softcover
Copyright 2014 Mike Ramsey and Attorney at Work

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