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Growing Your Law Practice in Tough Times

By Ed Poll

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By Ed Poll. Facing a sea change in clients’ demands and expectations, law firms must respond and adapt quickly and effectively. Law firms must choose the kind of law practice they will be; the marketing and business development tactics they will use; the overhead that is critical to their functioning; how to price, bill and collect for services; and how to manage the cash flow cycle. Success lies in identifying and capturing the right kinds of clients, providing the services those clients need in ways that add value, and ensuring prompt payment and the ability to grow profits. This book provides the keys to successfully thriving in the new era.

186 pages, soft cover. West®, 2010.

About the Author

Ed Poll has dedicated his career to helping others win. With over four decades of professional experience, his background in business and law have made him one of the nation’s most sought-after experts in law practice management. 


“No matter how you slice it, there is no substitute for wisdom and experience ... Ed Poll has demonstrated both in this eye-opening book about the essential elements of running a profitable law practice ... He provides practical wisdom along with simple ways to adopt and incorporate best practices for each. After explaining the pros and cons of every decision, he makes recommendations and provides useful guides disguised as key principles .... Buy the book so you too can access Ed’s wisdom and experience. It’s worth much more than the investment.”
– Stewart L. Levine. Esq., Founder, Resolutionworks, Author, Getting To Resolution

Price: $79.00

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