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Professional Services Marketing 3.0

By Bruce W. Marcus

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By Bruce W. Marcus.  "Professional Services Marketing 3.0?" This from someone who has written, spoken, railed against jargon and gimmicks? Well, yes, because in this rapidly changing economic environment, intensely competitive landscape, and highly charged computer age, it's the best way to define significant evolution from one distinct period to the next. As you'll see, that's exactly what's happened and is happening.

In this original and insightful work, Bruce W. Marcus describes the evolutionary process from the traditional, rigid, top-down law and accounting firms of the the 20th century to today's contemporary, client-oriented and competitive firms. It began in 1977 with a U.S. Supreme Court striking down the ethical restraints barring frank promotional activities. By introducing the concept of active competition, and adapting traditional marketing activities to professional firms, it led to reshaping accounting, legal and marketing practices to the unique and distinctive needs of the changing professional services market. It is history as a guide to the future. Marcus describes the evolutionary process from 1977 (Professional Services Marketing 1.0) as a guide to where marketing is now (Professional Services Marketing 2.0), to where it's going ("Professional Services Marketing 3.0"), and, significantly, how to survive and thrive in the marketing needs of the future.

With a foreword by Bruce MacEwen (Adam Smith Esq.) and an introduction by Michelle Golden (Golden Practices Inc.)

258 pages, hardcover. Bay Street Group LLC, August, 2011

About the Author

Bruce W. Marcus is a Connecticut-based consultant in marketing and strategic planning for professional firms. He is the editor of The Marcus Letter on Professional Services Marketing and co-author of Client at the Core (John Wiley & Sons).

Price: $74.50

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