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Law Firm Fees and Compensation: Value and Growth Dynamics

By Ed Poll

Price: $47.00

Every law firm is a business, and every business has three common elements: Get the work, do the work, and get paid. Law Firm Fees & Compensation shows how these issues intersect and guides you through an integrated approach to growing your practice and your profits—while simultaneously adding value to your billings and services. The vital concepts in realizing new value include:

  • Engagement agreement essentials for lawyer and client
  • Easy-to-understand pricing methods that convey meaning to clients
  • Collection strategies that secure prompt payments
  • Compensation policies that serve the firm’s best interests

150 pages, soft cover.  LawBiz® Management, Co., 2008.

About the Author

Ed Poll has dedicated his career to helping others win. With over four decades of professional experience, his background in business and law have made him one of the nation’s most sought-after experts in law practice management. 


“There is a reason Ed Poll has enjoyed longstanding success as a coach and consultant to lawyers–because he is the real deal. His Law Firm Fees & Compensation gives detailed information on how to incorporate value billing concepts in a practical and ethical manner, while giving clients certainty and transparency. And don’t let the title fool you; the book works equally well for solos.”
– Carolyn Elefant, Author of Solo by Choice: How to Be the Lawyer You Always Wanted to Be

Price: $47.00

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