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Secrets of Lawyer Video Marketing in the Age of YouTube

By Gerry Oginski

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By Gerry Oginski. Video is the best way to communicate online today. Your consumers and potential clients expect you to be on video. The only question is How will you create great educational video to show your viewers you have information they want and need to know? Will you create video on your own and learn to do it all yourself? Or will you hire a tested and proven video marketing company to do it all for you? Read the Secrets of Lawyer Video Marketing to learn more.

300 pages, paperback. Word Association, 2012

About the Author

Gerry Oginski is an experienced medical malpractice and& personal injury trial lawyer practicing law in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, New York, Staten Island, Nassau, Suffolk & Long Island and has been in practice since 1988. He is the Founder, Video Producer & Director at The Lawyers' Video Studio.

Price: $13.22

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