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T-Rex with open mouth jerks at work

Say What?

I got an email from one of the younger partners the other day and, frankly, I couldn’t figure it out: “snicker77: why not? @fiddle @sweaterneck @sideways = Curmudgeon?” Upon investigation, I learned that he had pasted a “tweet” into ...

Otto Sorts - June 2, 2011
In the office working a legal administrative assistant

Four Things Your Legal Assistant Can Do Better

If you share a legal administrative assistant with two or more lawyers, he probably stays pretty busy. To prevent backlogs and priority conflicts, your assistant must become increasingly efficient to handle the workload. Think of the Japanese ...

Deborah Savadra - May 11, 2011

The Fear Worse Than Death

If you’re like most people, learning that you have to speak to a big group is the closest you ever come to peeing your pants. Yes, there are a few who just seem to thrive on it. But they’re rare. And they aren’t us, right? So, since we know ...

The Editors - April 1, 2011
Woman and Man with tech in background Desktop Search Tools

The Importance of Being Trained

It's important—vitally important—to understand the full capabilities of the software used in your practice, even if you don't actually use it yourself. That means you need to know the "what" even if you never learn the "how." Otherwise, you’ll ...

Vivian Manning - March 30, 2011

Five Tips for Getting Writing Right

Poor writing skills can turn off potential clients and others, whether it's in an e-mail message or a formal proposal. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best lawyer for the job because people do draw conclusions based on the quality of your ...

Steven Taylor - January 12, 2011

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