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Once More With Feeling

By | Nov.23.12 | Communicating, Daily Dispatch, Playtime, Relationships

It’s true, the warmth and affection of traditional holiday greetings really can’t be repeated too often: “Happy Hanukkah!” “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” “Cheers!” “Don’t forget your mittens!” So, here on the cusp of the big holiday season, we’re unpacking our favorites and preparing to use them with abandon—and with feeling—upon arrival, departure and just passing through. But we have three more things we’d like to say to you—a pre-holiday trio we hold close to our hearts. We offer them you in the hopes that you will use them and share them as the holiday pace starts to pick up. And there are links that will help you apply them as well.

1. Slow down. Really. Stop for a minute and just listen to yourself breathe. Start to feel a little panicky because you really don’t have time for this nonsense? That’s your psyche telling you something: It’s time to slow down and enjoy the pleasures of the season. The smells, the flavors, the sounds. Savor the time you have with relatives you seldom see. Take the scenic route instead of the shortcut. Tell stories. Take a nap! Not only will slowing down increase your enjoyment of the season, it will increase the length of your life.

2. Be kind. As a lawyer, you live in a dog-eat-dog world. Push comes to shove for you more often than it does for others. Use the excuse of the holidays to dial down the competitiveness, and find what is right with the world for a change. Try a random act of kindness. Give something away. Do someone a favor. Share what you have—riches, cookies, a snow shovel, the window seat. You’ll be amazed by how good it feels.

3. Have fun! Medieval kings and queens believed laughter was good for people. Especially after dinner, when official jokers and jesters were brought in to the great banquet halls to help with the digestion of the rich foods. Even a joke told badly at your firm’s holiday dinner (and therefore setting off a case of the giggles) is a perfect example of how good a real belly laugh can make you feel. (It also makes you look great!) So, for goodness sake, stop taking it all so seriously and have a good time. Even the brainiacs at Harvard say that a smiling public improves a nation’s economy.

So that’s your assignment for the coming weeks: Slow down, be kind and have some fun. We’ll try to follow our own advice—just like you, we deserve it! We’ve been working like happy publishing elves on some particularly enticing extra goodies for Attorney at Work readers. They’ll be rolling out over the next weeks, so be sure to watch for them. Meanwhile, once again, we wish you the very best of the holiday season!

(And don’t forget your mittens!)

Yep, we’re taking a few days off for the holidays. So we’ve dipped into the archives to bring back a few of our most popular posts to keep you entertained–and informed. Today’s post first appeared here on December 22, 2011 as “It Doesn’t Go Without Saying.”

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