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The Friday Five

Five Questions for Enterprising Lawyers

Recently Attorney at Work caught up with three innovative lawyers — all speakers at this spring’s Lawyernomics conference, hosted by Avvo — for their thoughts on what it means to run a law practice like a business, the biggest bet they’ve placed on themselves, and what challenges solo and small firm lawyers face in the next five years. Plus, a few favorite apps. Here’s advice on moving your practice forward (and moving pianos) from Vanessa Vasquez de Lara, Ozan Varol and Jennifer Brandt.Read The Rest

Content Under Pressure

Style Guides: Maintaining a Healthy Relationship Between Creator and Content

Content Marketing

Most of us have a generally good grasp of English usage and punctuation. The problem is that some usage and punctuation errors are so subtle and pervasive that we are tricked into thinking they are correct. Additionally, language use is constantly evolving, and thanks to the internet, it changes faster than ever.

Throw in wrinkles such as how to express numbers and dates, when to italicize, or how to quote regulations and you have a proofreader’s migraine in the making. That’s why you need a style guide and usage standards.Read The Rest

Tech Tips

Auto-Filing Email: 5 Productivity Tips

tech tips

Dealing with each email message in order in your inbox can lead to context switching — a major drag on productivity. The time spent doing triage can instead be used to handle business email. To minimize email triage time, build these five email habits.Read The Rest

Etiquette and image

Avoiding Dining Table Faux Pas


You’ve spent the whole conference trying to get close to that potential business source, and you’re finally going to sit together at a banquet table. Or maybe a meal at a fancy restaurant is part of the interview process at the new firm you’re trying to join. Are you attending a formal-dress event thrown by your firm? Don’t blow it when you finally get to lunch or dinner. Proper table etiquette is part of good manners and can enhance or detract from your professional image.Read The Rest

Getting a Grip, Part 1

Loss of Control: Lawyers’ Greatest Fear


When lawyers are surveyed about what keeps them awake at night, the top issue is almost always a feeling that their offices or cases are out of control. It’s not just a fear. In my experience, for far too many lawyers, it’s a true state of being. Why is that the case, and how can it be fixed? Start by characterizing the problem.Read The Rest

The Friday Five

How to Win the War for Lateral Talent


Hiring lateral partners and groups is a key component for success in today’s competitive law firm market. And while large firms get all the headlines for key coups, smaller firms have both more to gain and lose in recruiting talent. Winning in the lateral market depends on how well you execute in a variety of strategic areas. Here are ways to succeed in some of the more important ones.Read The Rest

Well Said!

Five Ways to Network a Barbecue and Not Get Burned

Well Said Network

As the school year ends and summer approaches, social schedules ramp up with graduation parties, BBQs, golf outings and the like. At least some of these will be hosted by your firm, clients and other business contacts. It’s an opportunity to meet and reconnect with lots of people. However, it’s also entails an obligation to do so.

You can’t just stand around by yourself or with a few people you already know. Even if you’re shy, you can contribute, and even enjoy it. Here are five things to remember when meeting people for the first time.Read The Rest