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On Balance

Creative Goal Setting for Improving Your Solo Practice

On Balance Legal Ethics

It seems that every solo lawyer I meet has a list of things they would like to be doing better in their practice. Sometimes the motivating factor is business growth, sometimes it’s efficiency. At the heart of many “to do” items, though, is a desire to create a more ethically…Read The Rest

The Friday Five

Five Hot Content Marketing Tips for Lawyers from LMA 2017

Content Marketing

The Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference is where lawyers and legal marketers go to get up to date on the latest techniques, trends and tools. Here are top content-related takeaways from last week’s confab in Las Vegas.
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The Business of You, Yourself and Thou

You’re Going to Need More Than One Bio

lawyer bio

Regarding your self-promotion, I have good news and I have bad news. Good news: There are more opportunities to promote yourself than ever before. Bad news: The sprawl of marketing opportunities is so fractured and vast, you’ll need multiple personas to cover them all. Think of yourself as not just one lawyer. You’re an entire firm — a matryoshka doll in an Armani suit. To serve these nested personas, you need more than one biography.Read The Rest

Legal Tech Startups

Nimble Legal Tech Companies on How They’re Here to Help

During the ABA TECHSHOW 2017 program “The Startups Are Coming,” Andrew Arruda suggested we reframe the sentiment to: “The nimble companies are here to help you.” Not as sexy but a lot more accurate than an analogous popular refrain: “Robot lawyers are coming to take your jobs.”

Andrew exhorted legal professionals in another session to sit next to the engineers in the room, learn from them, team up and work together to innovate. So, I dutifully ran down to Startup Alley in the expo hall to interview some of the nimble companies, and was able to catch a few before the hall shut down. They were great sports. Here, with minimal editing, are their stories in their own words.Read The Rest

Productivity Tips

Chaos Is King, Until It’s Not: A Solo’s Guide to Order

Chaos sounds the death knell for any solo attorney’s practice. It breeds confusion, distraction and disorder. Unfortunately, for most solos, chaos is the natural state of affairs. The reason is simple: The practice of law consists of many moving parts at all times, each of which is dynamic and contingent.

Take a simple example from my personal injury practice: a car accident.Read The Rest

Want to Avoid Ethics Complaints?

Follow These Three Service Tenets for Satisfied Clients

satisfied clients

Unhappy clients often choose to file ethics complaints against their poor-performing lawyers. What leads to their unhappiness? It may come as a surprise, but most ethics complaints are not about incompetence. Instead, most complaints revolve around basic customer service expectations. They involve issues that, even without specific ethics rules in place, would make any reasonable person agree the lawyer should be disciplined.Read The Rest

The Friday Five

Five Tips on Hiring an SEO Firm for Your Law Practice

law firm website SEO

While there are infinite ways to spend money marketing your law firm, only some will deliver the right return on investment. In my experience, especially in today’s increasingly digital marketing environment, finding and working with the right search engine optimization (SEO) firm is still one of the best investments a small law firm can make.Read The Rest