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Digital Marketing Tips

Time to Use Call Tracking With Google My Business

call tracking google my business

In the past, if you wanted to put call-tracking numbers on your local directory listings, you’d get some dirty looks. That’s because 100 percent consistency in your NAP (name, address and phone) is critical. The thinking was that adding call-tracking numbers would ruin your citation profile and your search rankings. Well, things have changed: You can use call tracking on your GMB listing. Here’s how to do it.Read The Rest

How to Have a Successful Firm and a Successful Life

Why Lawyers Really Struggle for Work-Life Balance

The path to better work-life balance starts with refusing to accept “this is the way we’ve always done it, ” or “that’s just what it takes to have a successful practice.” It starts with asking: “How can we do things differently so I can have my nights and weekends free again?” Truly successful lawyers learn new ways to operate their firms so they can keep building their practices while having a life. Read The Rest

Nothing But the Ruth!

How Do You Combat Mental Gremlins?

Nothing But the Ruth

I have a group of mental gremlins that live in my head. Other people I know call their gremlins “the girls” or “the committee.” These are the voices in my head that tell me I suck at everything. Do you have a name for yours?

When my gremlins get on a roll, my thoughts can snowball quickly out of control. They can start with any topic and then run the gamut within a matter of minutes: “I’m a bad dog parent. I suck as an athlete. I’m a crap lawyer. I never get anything done.” Of course, everything they say is a lie, and thankfully, I know that. But their perpetual negativity is hard to live with at times.Read The Rest

Good Growth

Four Simple Steps to a Lead-Generating Law Firm Website

“Ideation,” “drill down,” “ping back,” “think outside the box.” These are words and phrases that end-of-year surveys included among the most annoying and meaningless business jargon. There’s another term that should be on these lists but isn’t. Let’s change that. Can we band together to banish the use of “online brochure” as a term to describe law firm websites? Read The Rest

Friday Fit Five

Five Ways to Stay Healthy During Flu Season

flu season

Pandemic or not, our clients don’t stop needing us. As a lawyer and mother, I often say, “I don’t have time to be sick!” As we all know, without your health, nothing else matters: You cannot work, take care of clients, be there for your family, or manage your work and life. While many people focus on medications to get them well once they are sick, you can take preventative steps to boost your immune system and avoid getting sick in the first place. Here are five tips to help you stay healthyRead The Rest

Who's Next?

No Immunity: Sexual Harassment and the Legal Industry

As members of a conservative industry that — literally — wrote the rule book on sexual harassment, law firms need to be ready for a day of reckoning that seems inescapable. Right now, the focus is still largely on Hollywood, mass media, Wall Street, Silicon Valley and politics … all professional arenas historically known to operate by their own set of rules that have been at equal turns brushed off as socially acceptable, emboldened after career-ending threats kept censure at bay, and vigorously defended in a courtroom.

But the shakiness of this dynamic is that the lawyer standing beside every Steve Wynn, Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer, Gavin Baker, Travis Kalanick or Al Franken is most likely operating from his or her own “house of cards.”Read The Rest

Your Money

Understanding Your Law Firm’s Employee Benefits and Perks

employee benefits

If you’re an associate or other employee at a law firm, you want to make sure you’re taking full advantage of the benefits your firm offers. And if you’re a partner in a smaller firm, you should be aware of what employees will be expecting from your firm … or their next firm.

So dust off that employee benefits packet, or unearth the PDF HR emailed to you, and let’s examine a few common benefits and perks.Read The Rest