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What to Do When You Can’t Afford a Marketing Director

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This month’s big question: “We’re a small firm and can’t afford to hire a full-time marketing director. Are there other options we should consider?” Of course there are. And in this edition of “Ask the Experts from the Legal Marketing Association,” Keith Wewe and Alycia Suter have the answers. Read The Rest

Well Said!

Are You (Gulp) the Boring One?

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Well said 2_Attorney at Work

Last October, I posted advice in this space on how to extricate yourself gracefully from unwelcome conversations at networking events. Recently, a reader asked how to handle the reverse situation: when you’re the one being ditched. (I’ll belatedly label the previous post Part One; think of this as a delayed Part Two. It will make more sense if you read Part One.)

Hopefully, it’s rare, but we’ve all experienced that non sequitur when someone with whom we’re chatting suddenly must attend to something, right now, and it hits us: “OMG! They’re trying to end the conversation and get away from me!”Read The Rest

The Friday Five

A Lawyer Leader’s Secret Weapon: Emotions

By | Aug.05.16 | 1 Comment

fire five

Don’t fall prey to the notion that people get paid to perform. The reality is that people get paid to show up and do work. How well they perform is largely related to how they feel. It’s true: Emotions play a huge role in performance. Productive legal team managers embrace this fact and use it to achieve the team’s common objectives.

There are a number of behaviors you can exhibit that will enhance your team’s performance. Here are five.Read The Rest

Lawyer Business Development

Three Ways to Attract New Clients by Demonstrating Expertise

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demonstrating expertise

Few attorneys are eager to step away from client work to find new business, yet it’s an essential part of your practice. Since you must invest the time, what’s the best way to get the most from your effort?

A new research study identifies three business development methods that are the most successful for law firms. What do they have in common? All three are ways to demonstrate expertise and educate clients on matters they find compelling. Read The Rest


How Law Firms Can Recognize and Avoid Social Engineering Scams

By | Aug.03.16 | 1 Comment

hacker attack background

When we think of information security breaches, we often blame weaknesses in technology. But in many of the most damaging security breaches, trusted law firm employees and partners are the weakest link.

An old email trick has resurfaced recently in the legal services arena. Fraudsters attempting to take advantage of the unwary use email to try to trick trustee office administrators. Using sham email addresses that look similar to a familiar one, requests are being sent to trustee administrators to send money immediately.Read The Rest

Talk About Yourself

What Is Your Value Proposition?

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Businessmen making a building puzzle which is an arrow,vector illustration.

In our product-oriented culture, people are encouraged to define and exploit their “personal brand.” I have always resisted the idea that individuals should come up with a self-definition that parallels Disney or Apple. Both people and careers are much more complex and fluid than that. You do, however, still need to articulate the attributes and characteristics — not to mention skills — that make you stand out from the crowd and offer value to a client.

Developing your personal value proposition is an alternative way to make a case for yourself that doesn’t have to include a logo. It requires introspection plus the ability to articulate that value to a prospective client.Read The Rest