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Client Feedback

What to Ask in Your Client Interviews

By | Sep.08.16 | 0 Comments

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For some clients, the only question you may need to ask is this: “How could our service to you improve?” Then you follow any leads they provide. For others, simply providing an opportunity to expound on that one question may not be enough. You may have to ask a series of questions to draw these clients out. Read The Rest

Managing Stress

What to Do When Everything Feels Bad

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Another news story about terrorists. Images of people suffering around the world. Political discourse that calls up the worst in us. Clients who have horrendous stories of pain. When it comes to feeling weighed down by the pressures of life, it’s not a question of “if” but a question of “when and how much.”

Whether from the stress of the job (difficult clients, losing a case, financial worries), difficulty in your personal life (relationship conflict, housing issues, debt), or the world at large (depressing international news, contentious politics, unending reports of violence), if you do not recognize the sources of your stress, you will feel powerless to do anything about it.Read The Rest

Tech Tip

Big Data, Little Data: It’s All Useful Data

By | Sep.06.16 | 0 Comments

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In our Friday Five “Tech Tips: Small, Powerful Ways to Use Data in Your Law Firm,” practice management experts recently weighed in on how small law firms can use data in a meaningful way. Oklahoma Bar Association practice advisor Jim Calloway has another great tip: Automate your documents so you can collect and reuse all that good data. Read The Rest

The Friday Five

Five Tactics to Build Trust on Your Website

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You’ve spent money and time trying to drive traffic to your website’s landing pages. Wouldn’t you like to know you’re not losing visitors because you fail to inspire trust? You’ve likely heard that you have anywhere from 3 to 30 seconds to grab your visitors’ attention once they land on your site. That’s true, and one of the best ways to do that is to quickly build trust, which encourages visitors to keep reading, scrolling and clicking.

But how can you build trust through such a flat interface as a computer screen or mobile device? Here are five simple but effective tactics to inspire the kind of trust that will stop people from clicking away to one of your competitors.Read The Rest

Client Feedback

Why Conduct Client Interviews?

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A critical aspect of any law firm’s marketing strategy is understanding how you are currently perceived by clients. Why did they choose you and why do they remain with you? What other firms are they using and why? Is the client service and value you deliver exemplary or just good enough? Where are the opportunities to develop further profitable business?

Interviews with your most important clients’ key decision-makers will give you this information and more.Read The Rest

Content Under Pressure

Sharing Legal Information Online Isn’t ‘Giving Away the Store’

By | Aug.31.16 | 1 Comment

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There are so many different ways to push marketing content out into the world. Some are brought to you by the wonders of the internet. Others require your in-person participation. Some are free, requiring nothing beyond the creation of dynamite content. In her new column, “Content Under Pressure,” writer and business development strategist Susan Kostal clues you in on the new rules of effective content marketing, helping you avoid the pitfalls and find new opportunities to market your law practice. —Ed.

By allowing Roman advocates trained in rhetoric to practice law, Roman Emperor Claudius was the first to legitimize the legal profession. By the fourth century, advocates had to be enrolled on the bar of a court to argue there — the first regulations on the legal profession. Ever since, lawyers have been leery of giving clients helpful information otherwise closely held by an exclusive, licensed profession.

But today, savvy attorneys and law firms, both B2B and B2C, are providing clients with everything from basic information on how to best use their services to sample contracts and concrete, detailed information about the law directly relevant to their legal needsRead The Rest