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Question All Assumptions

By Merrilyn Astin Tarlton

It’s Friday again, which means it’s time to take five. Here are five items from the past week that strike us as particularly useful—or entertaining.

From the Department of Very Cool. It’s a tiny credit-card reader called Square that plugs into your Droid, iPhone, iPad and more, letting you accept credit-card payments on the spot. Not only is it cool, it’s free! Over at BNet, it’s in the running for best gadget of the decade. Watch the slightly nerdy video that explains it all.

Playing a Losing Game? One of our most popular posts to date has been “Should I Go to Law School?” If you found that compelling reading, you’ll want to read The New York Times’ article “Is Law School a Losing Game?” It’s been at the top of the paper’s “Most E-mailed” list all week.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. Rick Georges over at FutureLawyer gives us another list worth keeping in “Top Ten Tips to Extend Smartphone Battery Life.” These tips are a great place to start if you’ve had enough of not enough power.

End the Demonizing. We try to steer clear of politics at Attorney at Work, but Mark Suster’s blog features an article on “Why You Should Make Your Competitors Your Frenemies” that is particularly poignant and timely. It will get you thinking differently about nearly everyone in your life. Next meeting, why not move to the same side of the table as your client?

A Real Sock in the Eye. Each morning when I receive this, I’m forced to momentarily question my entire life. Would you look at those snowflake socks with the checkerboard heels? (Now … what time is that client meeting?)

Attorney at Work’s Merrilyn Tarlton has been helping lawyers and law firms think differently about the business of practicing law since 1984. She was a founder of the Legal Marketing Association, President of the College of Law Practice Management and an LMA Hall of Fame inductee. She blogs about innovation at Get Creative.

Categories: Daily Dispatch, Lawyer Productivity
Originally published January 14, 2011
Last updated May 4, 2018
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Merrilyn Astin Tarlton

Merrilyn is the author of “Getting Clients: For Lawyers Starting Out or Starting Over.” She has been helping lawyers and law firms think differently about the business of practicing law since 1984. She is a founding member of the Legal Marketing Association, an LMA Hall of Fame inductee, and a past President of the College of Law Practice Management. Merrilyn was a founding partner of Attorney at Work. Learn more about Merrilyn here and follow her @astintarlton.

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