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The Friday Five

By The Editors

From time to time it becomes clear that there are way too many good ideas around to limit a Daily Dispatch to merely one. So in the Friday Five, we’ll share a handful of links to things from the past week that strike us as particularly useful—or entertaining. (It’s Friday, after all!) This week was a busy one.

Be enterprising. At Escaping the 9 to 5, Maren Kate suggests 11 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Do in 2011. And if you don’t think of yourself as an entrepreneur, we suggest you think again. Remember, it’s your practice to build as you like. (And you’ll get a little dance envy here as well.)

Check your use of type. On the excellent Ernie the Attorney blog, Ernie Svenson reviews Matthew Butterick’s new book, Typography for Lawyers. Read the review (with samples of how Ernie improved his letterhead) and then read this second rave from Ernie about how the book helped him improve captions, too. You’ll want to run, not walk, to get the book.

Talk back. Over at the Kowalski & Associates Blog, Jerome Kowalski explores How to Respond to Clients’ Needs to Reduce Budgets for Outside Counsel. Yep, it’s that time of year—budget time—and he shares some good and professional action steps. (Hint: You’ll want to act quickly.)

Tech up! Even though the holidays are over, we still think it’s important to check out Gizmodo’s leaderboard of The Best Gadgets of 2010—and don’t miss their take on Some of Tomorrow’s Best Gadgets from CES 2011 this week. If you’re still on the fence about which smartphone or tablet to buy, these folks have opinions.

See the big picture, Tweety. Still get the giggles when you hear folks talking about tweeting tweets at Twitter? Maybe some hard data would help. Social Media Graphics features an at-a-glance view of what Twitter is all about with Who’s Using Twitter & How They’re Using It. You’ll be surprised, seriously.

So enjoy this week’s Friday Five. And if you have a favorite link you’d like to share, throw it into “comment” box below.

The Editors

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