The Friday Five

A Lawyer Leader’s Secret Weapon: Emotions

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Don’t fall prey to the notion that people get paid to perform. The reality is that people get paid to show up and do work. How well they perform is largely related to how they …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Five Ways to Drive Your People Crazy

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Work can be stressful. Sure, sometimes you really enjoy your work, particularly when things are going your way. And, of course, you know the things you can do to reduce and manage your own stress …Continue reading »

People Management

How to Give Tough Feedback

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I once worked with a midlevel manager who, when advised of someone’s shoddy work or bad behavior, would inevitably respond with a simple, “Okay, I’ll tell her.” And that was exactly what he would do: …Continue reading »


Losing New Clients to Your Jaded Attitude?

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After a certain amount of time on the front lines answering intake phone calls, you and your staff can become jaded and insensitive to callers looking for a lawyer. This is common and natural. It …Continue reading »


Take a Risk: Trust

By | Feb.16.11 | 1 Comment

Prehistoric man developed the critical capacity to instantly assess “friend or foe” when encountering the unknown. That capacity, while possibly more subtle, is still part of our fundamental human nature: Fight or flee? Trust or no trust? And …Continue reading »

Law Practice

The Art of “We”

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I had lunch recently with a partner of a Big Four accounting firm, a conversation that was illuminating less for what he said than for how he said it. Whenever he talked about his work and …Continue reading »