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When You Find Yourself in a Hole

By | Mar.26.15 | 2 Comments

Otto Sorts

“I don’t know what to do!” he cried. “Now we’re forming committees to make decisions.”

I had listened to his travails for the last year as his firm slowly moldered. Morale was bad, profits had slipped down over time, senior partners had become unhappy with their compensation, and the firm’s reputation had taken a couple of hits.

“Worst of all,” he lamented, “they hired a new consultant that has us rebranding, changing the letterhead and arguing about website features. They’re looking for rainmakers in markets we’ve never been in.” … READ THE REST

Law Firm Marketing

Getting Real: Four Social Media Lessons

By | Mar.25.15 | 0 Comments

Social Media

Gabriel Cheong started his own law firm straight out of law school. One year later he purchased the law firm where he once interned. Now Gabriel runs Infinity Law Group while blogging, tweeting and marketing his firm. He’ll be one of four speakers participating in this year’s “Lightening Round: Avvo Success Stories” May 13 at Lawyernomics 2015. We asked him to share some hard-earned lessons he’s learned using social media for his family law practice.

Unless you’re willing — and financially able — to employ someone to coordinate all of your law practice’s social media, chances are you’re doing it yourself, when time allows. I’m a lawyer, not a social media “expert,” though I have worked with some so-called experts for my firm. Here’s what I’ve come to realize about using social media for your law firm. … READ THE REST

Technology In Practice

Five Tips for Running a Lean Law Practice

By | Mar.24.15 | 0 Comments

lean law practice in the cloud

We’ve all seen how technology can help level the playing field, allowing smaller firms and solos to compete with larger rivals, and scale quickly to meet clients’ needs. That’s good news for small firms and clients alike. But just because a firm is small doesn’t make it lean — or mighty. Too many lawyers stick with the old ways of doing things simply because it’s familiar. Here are tips for running a lean law practice, rethinking how you can provide the most value to your clients, in the most productive way.

1. Focus on the practice of law — not on IT. Of course, you’re focused on providing counsel and service, not on IT. But the trap many “would-be” lean lawyers fall into is overthinking the role technology should play in their practice. …

Get to the Point

Dictionary Betrayal

By | Mar.23.15 | 0 Comments

Get to the Point

Of course you use a dictionary when you don’t know the meaning of a word. But you might have to pay attention to context to figure out which definition applies and whether it’s the right word to use. That’s why the dictionary is the traitor among your legal writing tools. Turn instead to a loyal style and usage guide when you have questions about which word to use and much more. … READ THE REST

Friday Fit Five

Five Ways Your Smartphone Can Keep You Healthy

By | Mar.20.15 | 1 Comment


That iPhone or Android in your pocket already does nearly everything but wash the car. So why not apply your smartphone’s smarts to getting and keeping a healthy glow? Today, lawyer and certified health coach Jamie Spannhake launches our “Fit Five” series, counting the ways (and apps) your smartphone can keep you running smoothly.

One consistent item in all our lives is our smartphones. Since we have them with us all the time, we should use them to help us get and stay healthy. Here are five ways.

1. Assess first. In any good plan to accomplish anything, you first need to assess where you are. My favorite app for this health-wise is MyFitnessPal. … READ THE REST

Play to Win

What Is Your Brand?

By | Mar.19.15 | 2 Comments

Play to Win

Recently, a lot of attention has been given to branding — branding a law firm, branding a practice area or branding an individual lawyer. Yet some lawyers still think a brand is a logo, the firm name or a tagline. Others don’t see how branding applies to the legal profession at all. Even those who embrace the notion struggle mightily to get it right.

What Is a Brand? An effective brand should identify you and differentiate you from your competitors. It is often a combination of a name, behaviors, messaging, designs and symbols that provide you with instant recognition and awareness, promise consistency in the experience clients will have with you, and add value for clients.

How important is a brand? Research shows that more than half of all purchase decisions are brand-driven. How many times have you heard lawyers complain about clients making a decision to hire counsel based on CYA? Welcome to the world of branding. A brand name can provide comfort and assurance. … READ THE REST