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The Friday Five

Top Trends for Law Firm Websites

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Friday Five

Want to update and improve your firm’s website? Take a lesson from what the most successful and tech-savvy sites have in common. Here are five things designers are working on specifically for law firm websites. … READ THE REST


Mistakes Lawyers Make When Procuring an Expert Witness

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Expert witnesses often provide the information and insight necessary to make or break a case. Why, then, do we procrastinate, delegate or simply rush the process of selecting an exceptional expert witness? Yes, it’s one more thing to do, but taking the time to find the right expert is an investment that pays off. Start sourcing experts more effectively by avoiding these common mistakes. … READ THE REST

Inspire Confidence

Golden Rules for Building Client Trust

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Trust Exercises

According to a Gallup poll on the perceived honesty and ethics of various professions, most people (79 percent) rate lawyers average or low. Just below bankers. Congressmen and car salesmen ranked lowest.

How can you convey that you really are trustworthy? Trust is essential for all effective relationships, whether personal or business. There’s no quick fix when it comes to gaining the trust of others — especially once it is lost. It takes a genuine desire and small everyday efforts.

So where do you start? … READ THE REST


The Long Nine: Essential Software for the Modern Law Practice

By | Feb.02.16 | 10 Comments


Now, I’m not the sharpest tool in the machine shed, but even I’m not brave enough to try to build a buyer’s guide for law firm technology. In large part, that’s because such a guide would be outdated as soon as it’s written down, a paper book being worth less than the paper it’s printed on. As it stands, I’m bound to receive urgent emails from each vendor I leave out of this post.

Yes, to the subject of this post: Rather than dream that impossible dream, I will instead attempt a list of the types of products you should acquire for your modern law firm. Below, I’ve identified the nine categories of software firms should use to take best advantage of the wide array of programs available for streamlining law practice management. … READ THE REST

Small Firm Marketing

The Three P’s of Legal Branding

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Effective branding creates a psychological connection between a “thing” and the people who’ll willingly pay money for that “thing.” In my own branding, I’ve always done what came naturally. I didn’t start out by thinking about rules or processes. Over time, though, I realized that much of what I was doing could be put into a formula — the “three P’s” — to teach others my branding processes.

My formula for branding is PASSION + PERSONALITY = PERSUASION, where the final goal is to persuade people to give us money to help them. … READ THE REST

Friday 5+ Tech Tips

Five Cybersecurity Tech Tips: Worries to Give You the Willies

By | Jan.29.16 | 2 Comments

Tech Tips Friday Five

There are lots of cybersecurity worries to give you the willies in the wee hours of the morning, but we were asked to pick five. So here are some of the most common threats for lawyers to keep in mind.

1. Ransomware. We continue to see law firms struck by ransomware, which is a type of malware that encrypts your data (restricting your access to it) and then demands a ransom payment — usually in bitcoins — to get your data back. … READ THE REST