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Friday 5+ Tech Tips

Tech Tips for Teams: Smart Collaboration Tools

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Tech Tips Friday Five

In Friday Five+ Tech Tips, we invite law practice management and technology experts to share their favorite tips and tricks for tackling everyday quandaries that can prevent you from keeping your practice humming along smoothly. In the end, of course, it’s all about teamwork — and that’s this month’s Tech Tips 5+ topic. We asked a dream team of law practice technology pros for their best advice on collaboration tools for lawyers.

Here’s what’s up the sleeves of team members Heidi Alexander, Tom Lambotte, Tom Mighell, Jim Calloway, Dan Pinnington and Nora Regis. … … READ THE REST

Curmudgeon's Perspective

The Lawyer Who Liked to “One-Up”

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Otto Sorts

“I never seem to get it right enough with him,” Sara told me, as she expressed her frustrations about being on Terry’s case team. “He always has to do it better than me.”

I nodded. Terry was an ace litigator, hardworking, controlling and driven to win at everything. We had even stopped inviting him to poker night, where several of us got together to play cards, opine about life and drink a little too much. With quarter bets and a $30 limit, usually everyone could play all night. When Terry was there, though, half of us were out within the first few hours, and he wasn’t a particularly graceful winner. His need to win made the nights he was there less fun. … READ THE REST

Managing Product Review

A TechHit One-Two Punch: SimplyFile and MessageSave

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TechHit is a San Francisco company that builds applications emanating from Microsoft Outlook. This approach works especially well in the legal field, where most lawyers still prefer, or are forced, to use Microsoft Office. While an impressive product in its own right, Outlook still lacks certain efficiencies. TechHit aims to add those efficiencies — and for the classically trained lawyer it will be a big hit.

If you’ve been using Outlook for a while, and wish to be knocked out by straightforward yet highly effective add-ons, it’s a good bet TechHit can sate your desire. If you’re new to Outlook, affiliating with TechHit means you’ll never have to know the pain that the rest of us have felt.

TechHit offers a number of different products, but this overview focuses mostly on its two major applications: SimplyFile and MessageSave…. READ THE REST

Productivity Tips

Distraction Junkie? Managing Your Worst Time Bandit

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Money and Time

In his recent book “The Time Bandit Solution: Recovering Stolen Time You Never Knew You Had,” Edward G. Brown presents a step-by-step lesson in recovering lost time — including how to prevent interruptions from sapping your productivity and satisfaction.We asked the time management expert for a few tips on managing distractions. Wouldn’t you know it? He says the biggest time thief of all is … you.

Recapture Your Wandering Mind. Bored with the project at hand. Worrying about an ailing relative. Wishing you had help. Anxious to hear if you landed the new client. Hungry. Hot. Unless you are remarkably focused, you are going to be tempted to let your mind wander. … READ THE REST

Play to Win

Control Your Own Destiny through Business Development

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Play to Win

In a coaching meeting, a young partner was unenthusiastic as we discussed potential marketing and business development activities. It was clear he was troubled, so I asked what he was thinking. His response: “Am I better off being a really good service partner and working a lot of hours than spending my time trying to develop relationships that may never pay off?”

I understand the sentiment. Lawyers have many competing demands — job, family, friendships, personal interests — and sometimes feel as though none of them are getting the proper attention. Lawyers often lack control over their time. It can be hard to carve out 200 hours to market when you bill 2,200; it can be frustrating to serve on a board but miss meeting after meeting because of work obligations. On top of that, one can invest a lot of time building relationships and implementing activities with no short-term payoff and few guarantees of long-term success.

I really do get it. But, back to the young partner … READ THE REST

The Friday Five

What Lawyers Need to Know about Online Reviews

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Friday Five

Many law practices grow by traditional word-of-mouth, but it is tough to stay competitive if you don’t pay attention to the modern word-of-mouth — namely online reviews. According to a study Yodle recently conducted, three-quarters of consumers say having online reviews either sets a local business apart from its competitors or is expected of local businesses. However, many businesses — including law firms — aren’t doing anything to secure these reviews: Less than 10 percent of consumers have been asked to write a review of a local business even though 90 percent are willing to do so if asked — provided they have had a positive experience.

Lawyers can be reluctant to ask clients for online reviews. It’s awkward, and they don’t want to risk giving up control of their marketing messaging. In today’s world of oversharing, though, you need to move past these concerns. People, particularly those who grew up in the digital age, will be suspicious and disengaged if they can’t find any third-party testimonials online about your practice. … READ THE REST