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Top 20 Legal Marketing Articles of the Year: The Countdown!

By Joan Feldman

Attorney at Work’s writers work hard all year to bring us practical wisdom and how-to tips on marketing your law firm and improving your business development skills. We’re proud to present the countdown for this year’s list of the 20 top legal marketing articles. (Scroll down for some past years’ winners.)

top legal marketing articles

Congratulations — and thank you — to all of Attorney at Work’s contributors.

20. After Referrals, It’s Recon Time: How Small Businesses Find Lawyers by Katherine Hollar Barnard

19. Tips for Designing and Printing Your Law Firm Business Card by Joan Feldman

18. How to Differentiate Yourself by Sally Schmidt

17. 11 Tips for Choosing the Right Law Firm Domain Name: Key Insights by Annette Choti

16. Local Networking at Every Stage of Your Legal Career by Shari Lee Sugarman

15. 5 Steps for Structuring Law Firm Newsletters by Michelle Troutman

14. Why You Should Still Start a Podcast for Your Law Firm by Annette Choti

13. Generative AI for Law Firm Marketing: A Midyear Update by David Arato

12. Build Your Legal Practice With Client-Centric Selling by Jay Harrington

11. Best Practices for Your Law Firm’s Blog in 2023 by David Arato

10. Tips, Tools and Best Practices for DIY Legal Marketers in Small to Midsize Firms by Lauren McNee Doherty and Laura Gutierrez

9. Three Places to Spend Your Networking Time by Meyling Ly Ortiz

8. What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: Tools for Law Firm Growth by Erik Mazzone

7. Is This Award Real? 5 Clues to Sniff Out Scammers by Amy Hunt

6. 5 Tips for Effectively Using LinkedIn to Attract Clients by Annette Choti

5. LinkedIn for Lawyers Who Don’t Like LinkedIn by Amy Hunt

4. Should You Use ChatGPT to Generate Your Law Firm’s Marketing Content? By David Arato

3. Unbelievable Law Firm Marketing Statistics by Annette Choti

2. Make Rain by Forming Good Habits by Sally Schmidt

1. Top Law Firm Website Design Trends by Karin Conroy

How do you keep up with law firm marketing — and should you? — with the world turned upside down? Here are the top 10 marketing articles written at the very start of the pandemic.

10. How Will Your Marketing Evolve After COVID-19? by Barbara Malin, Jill Weber and Adam Severson

9. Law Firm Branding Exercises: Brand Your Firm by Design, Not Default by Mark Homer

8. Outsourcing Your Law Firm’s Advertising? A Lead Generation Checklist by Will Hornsby

7. Is Your Crisis Communications Plan Ready to Handle a Pandemic? by Gina Rubel

6. Build Trust and Add Value Through Legal Marketing by Jay Harrington

5. Targeting an Industry Niche in 7 Steps by Sally Schmidt

4. How to Stay Afloat as a Small Law Firm: Panic Is Not An Option by Conrad Saam

3. 7 ‘Public Speaking’ Tips for Videoconferencing by Marsha Hunter

2. A 30-Day Business Development Plan for Lawyers by Jay Harrington

1. Reassuring Clients You’re Prepared for COVID-19 by Susan Kostal

20. Navigating the Maze of Attorney Advertising Rules by Will Hornsby

19. 5 Article Ideas to Help You Connect With Clients and Drive Business by Emily Brooks

18. 5 Steps to Starting an Email Newsletter by Laura Ernde

17. Say No to These Outdated SEO Tactics by Mike Ramsey

16. What Do You Do? Crafting Your Elevator Speech by Sally Schmidt

15. How to Become a Thought Leader by Jay Harrington

14. Biggest Obstacle to New Business by Sally Schmidt

13. Five Simple Methods for Increasing Referrals by Mike Margol

12. How Do You Know It’s Time to Hire a Marketing Professional? by Kate Shipham

11. How Law Firms Are Using Infographics for Marketing by Brandie Knox

10. Superbowl Commercials for Lawyers (Some Are Downright Criminal) by Jeremy Kocal

9. This Is How You Build a Book of Business by Jay Harrington

8. Staying Competitive: 7 Tips from 7 Legal Marketing Pros by Jennifer Simpson Carr

7. Rewarding Your Referral Sources by Sally Schmidt

6. A Simple 3-Month Strategy for Lawyers Who Are New to LinkedIn by Jay Harrington

5. Five Advanced Mingling Techniques for Professional Players by Bull Garlington

4. Five Questions to Ask Before You Respond to an RFP by Matthew Prinn

3. Legal Business Development Done Right by Jay Harrington

2. How to Create a Referral Machine: 9 Tips by Julie Savarino

1. Give the People What They Want: Attorney Bios by Ruth Carter

20. Package Yourself for a Favorable First Impression by Sally Schmidt

19. LinkedIn: Take the Time to Tell Your Story by Susan Kostal

18. Killing Marketing for Lawyers: Interview with Robert Rose by Ruth Carter

17. Networking with Successful Lawyers: A Counterintuitive Tip by Dustin Cole

16. Throwing Lampshade: Getting Better in Social Situations by Jared Correia

15. Four Simple Steps to a Lead-Generating Website by Jay Harrington

14. Is Emotional Intelligence the Key to Better Cross-Selling in Law Firms? By Rich Bracken

13. Five Best Practices for Law Firm Content Marketing by Jay Harrington

12. Business Development Skills That Don’t Take Talent by Sally Schmidt

11. Follow Up to Increase Your Chances of Getting Business by Sally Schmidt

10. Make the Most of Business Development Meetings by Sally Schmidt

9. A Young Lawyer’s Path to Prosperity: Build a Powerful Personal Brand by Jay Harrington

8. Three Marketing Best Practices for Lawyers Who Hate Marketing by Chans Weber

7. Five Ways Lawyers Can Use Google Trends by Julie Howell

6. Handwritten Notes Help Build Real Relationships by Bull Garlington

5. Law Firm Website Trends to Watch: Tips from Drew Barton, Andrew Cabasso, Karin Conroy, Steve Matthews & Mike Ramsey

4. Top 10 Attorney Directories Where You Should Be Found by Chris Dreyer

3. Advice to New Associates on Becoming a Rainmaker by Mike O’Horo

2. Make It Rain: Five Steps to Get New Clients by Heidi Nadel

1. The Secret Science of Mingling by Bull Garlington

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Joan Hamby Feldman Joan Feldman

Joan Feldman is Editor-in-Chief and a co-founder of Attorney at Work, publishing “one really good idea every day” since 2011. She has created and steered myriad leading practice management and trade publications, including the ABA’s Law Practice magazine where she served as managing editor for a dozen years. Joan is a Fellow and served as a Trustee of the College of Law Practice Management. Follow her on LinkedIn and @JoanHFeldman.

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