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Small Firm Management

Build a Major League Small Law Firm Using Data

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Managing a winning major league ball club and operating a highly profitable law firm have more in common than meets the eye. It all comes down to numbers. You wouldn’t be in practice if you didn’t have talent, skill and vast knowledge of the law — just as baseball players wouldn’t be in the Major League if they didn’t have an invaluable skill set. But it’s how these skills are managed and used that makes the difference between success and failure.Read The Rest

Attorney at Work Classic

What Are You Prepared to Do?

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The most powerful scene in The Untouchables, a movie with more than a few of them, came courtesy of Sean Connery. His character, a veteran Chicago cop, is dying in great pain on his living room floor after a hit by one of Al Capone’s henchman. But he directs Eliot Ness’s attention to a train on which a key witness can be found. Then, choking up blood and with his last ragged breath, he grabs Ness and repeats a demand he had made earlier in the film: “What are you prepared to do?”Read The Rest

Friday Fit Five

Five Ways for Law Firms to Support Health and Wellness

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We all know the practice of law is high stress. Law firms can be challenging places: client demands mean working beyond business hours, issues are real, stakes are high and tight deadlines abound. “Lawyers, similar to those who work in the mental health or medical field, work with clients who are suffering,” says Jeena Cho, author of “The Anxious Lawyer.” “Let’s face it, rarely do clients come to visit a lawyer with happy news.” Unfortunately, lawyers are not generally trained to handle the negative impacts of this working environment.

Fortunately, some firms are leading the way in developing wellness programs. Here are five ways firms can help their people reduce stress and anxiety, improve cognition, and access tools to survive, even thrive, in a difficult working environment.Read The Rest

Get to the Point

If You Are Reading This … Oh, Wait, You Are!

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Get to the Point

Perhaps the most ridiculous construct I see and hear regularly is the conditional introductory phrase that prefaces content in documents with, “If you are reading this,” or that starts voicemail greetings with, “If you are hearing this message.”Read The Rest

Play to Win

Walking in Your Client’s Shoes

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Play to Win

I heard a lawyer tell a joke once that went something like this: “If you’re having trouble with a client, walk a mile in his shoes. That way, you will have a one-mile head start and he won’t have any shoes.”

I know there are times that kind of attitude can be tempting. Clients can be challenging, demanding and frustrating. It can be easy to dismiss their complaints and easier yet to stay in your comfort zone doing business as usual. But when you have your own experiences as a client or customer, it becomes easier to empathize with a client’s situation.Read The Rest

PracticePanther Product Spotlight

The Best Legal Case Management Software Checklist

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Practice Panther Keep Calm

When it comes to deciding on the right legal case management software (CMS) for your solo or small practice, there should be no compromise. Your practice should run like a well-oiled machine on autopilot, and the CMS you ultimately go with should make your firm a lot easier to…Read The Rest