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How to Order Wine and Not Look Like an Idiot


You’re at Fancy Restaurant with Super Important Client and the senior partner. There are three forks, two spoons, four glasses and a tiny little dish with a tiny little knife that you assume is for the table elf. You’re reading the menu, discreetly typing Un verre d’eau, vou singe qui n’est pas très sophistiqué! into Google Translate, when the client (the guy your boss has specifically forbid you to talk to) asks you to order the wine. Merde!Read The Rest


Pros and Cons of Facebook Live Video for Law Firms

Facebook video

Does Facebook Live video provide value for law firms, or is it just another opportunity to lose time that could be better spent elsewhere? It depends.

If harnessed correctly, Facebook Live offers a valuable platform to connect with your audience, giving an extra touch that can help convert prospects into clients. It doesn’t fit every audience, and it doesn’t fit every law firm.

As with any marketing strategy, live video’s effectiveness will hinge on how you use it and who you’re trying to reach. Here’s what you need to know.Read The Rest

Play to Win

The Client Relationship Meeting

Lawyers have a lot of communication with their clients. But the vast majority of interaction tends to be related to specific matters — requesting some information, reporting on the status of a file, scheduling something, checking on a payment. There may be the occasional dinner or hockey game, but typically there isn’t much discussion about the client relationship itself.Read The Rest

Introvert at Work

Eight Ways Shy Lawyers Can Find Mentors


I have always considered myself an introvert. I always admire those individuals who show no restraint as their laughter booms across the room, or who talk excitedly to someone they have just met. But, alas, that has never been me.

As such, I struggled, particularly early on in my legal career, to connect with the colleagues and mentors all lawyers need to advance and succeed in their career. Through trial and error, I learned how to find the right ones to connect with who could mentor me, either formally or informally. To my delight, it turns out there are many ways to find mentorship and help from fellow lawyers. Read The Rest

Well Said

Converting Post-Speech Inquiries: The Follow-Up Email and Phone Call

How do you manage a post-speech chat with someone who chooses to tell you how the problem you spoke about affects their company, and convert it into a solid opportunity? Last month, I showed you how to greet and interact with the group of people who approach you after a speech. Your goal being to have a few words with each of them, but graciously keep them moving. More importantly, you learned how to shift that conversation to a better time and venue where you could conduct a proper sales investigation. So how do you develop those opportunities?Read The Rest

Getting Clients

Important Reminders About Business Development

getting clients

If you are like most lawyers, you spend more time worrying about where your next client will come from than you’d like. It’s natural. Even the busiest, most successful lawyers work hard at marketing and business development — they just make it look easy.

But, back to “worrying” about it … here are a few key ideas about business development to remember. Read The Rest

Friday Fit Five

Five Ways to Get Your Resolve Back

It’s only been about six weeks since you made your New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps you are doing great. Perhaps your motivation is waning. Or maybe you’re just not as far along as you’d planned. Wherever you stand in relation to your resolutions, here are five ways to get back on track toward achieving your goals in 2017.Read The Rest