Law Firm Profits

compensation plans
The Best Compensation Plans Use the Rule of Thirds

Brooke Lively | We analyzed eight offers and found one consistent thing. Not one of them was going to be profitable to the firm.

Brooke Lively - July 5, 2024
empowerment tips
20 Law Practice Empowerment Tips

Nuts-and-bolts reminders for running a successful law practice from Peggy Gruenke and Alan Klevan.

Peggy Gruenke - July 2, 2024
deal killer when selling your law firm
What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

Brooke Lively | Knowing your non-negotiables is the key to making a deal to sell your firm you won't regret.

Brooke Lively - June 17, 2024
mentally preparing to sell your law practice
Mentally Preparing to Sell Your Law Practice

Brooke Lively | Did you know that 75% of those who exit (their business) 'profoundly regret' the decision with 12 months?

Brooke Lively - May 16, 2024
lawyer time tracking
Time Tracking for Lawyers: Why Every Firm Needs to Track Time to Stay Profitable

John Scott | Whether or not the client sees billable hours on an invoice, all service-based businesses need to track the time of employees who do client-facing work. 

John Scott - April 29, 2024
what is my law firm worth
What Is My Law Firm Worth?

Brooke Lively | Here are the two most important factors that determine your firm's value — if you want to sell.

Brooke Lively - April 11, 2024
what makes a law firm attractive to buyers
What Makes a Law Firm Attractive to Buyers?

Brooke Lively | What makes a law firm attractive to buyers? Exactly the same things that make a firm a joy to own. Focus on these three things.

Brooke Lively - March 14, 2024
law firm production numbers
Why You Should Prep Your Law Firm to Sell — Even If You Don’t Want to Sell

Brooke Lively | When you prep your law firm to sell, you build a business that operates with or without you — so you can step out when you are ready.

Brooke Lively - February 15, 2024
legal practice areas
Top Growth Industries and Legal Practice Areas for 2024

Michael Rynowecer | Revelations from the annual BTI Practice Outlook report.

Michael Rynowecer - January 25, 2024
increasing your legal fees
Increasing Your Legal Fees: A Four-Step Approach

Erik Mazzone | Here's a four-step process for increasing your legal fees, from when and how much, to how to tell your clients.

Erik Mazzone - January 11, 2024

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