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Happy Clients, Happy Lawyers: Tips for Better Client Relations. Looking for ways to increase client satisfaction — and reduce some of your own daily stress in the process? With the help of Ruby Receptionists, we’ve gathered good ideas and practical tips on improving communications, tightening up your systems and applying practical technology tools to create a more efficient and less-stressed law practice.

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A Lawyer’s Guide to Social Media Marketing. Today, the question is not whether you should be on social media — it’s how long will it take you to get up to speed. For this new guide, we asked top law firm marketers for advice on where lawyers should focus their efforts — and for their best tips on how to up your game. If you’re just getting started, the 75-page guide will help you cover the bases. Does your social media presence need an upgrade? These experts will help you rethink social media’s role in your firm’s marketing strategy.

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Build It! Law Firm Associate’s Guide to Business Development. Big firm or small, there’s a single question the partners ask about young associates: “Is she a keeper?” And we all know what ultimately swings the pendulum on that question: “Can she bring in clients?” Read our newly updated 30-plus-page downloadable ezine, packed with expert advice on business development for young lawyers, and show them you’re a keeper.


Fat Stacks: How Much Does It Cost to Start a Law Firm? Jared Correia breaks down the four categories and 11 “tiers” of expenses for your first year in practice.

How Much to Start a Law Firm

2017 Social Media Marketing Survey Results. Here’s how more than 300 lawyers told us they are using social media platforms in their law firm marketing efforts. Download Attorney at Work’s 2017 Lawyers and Social Media Marketing Survey Report.

2017 Social Media Marketing Survey Results

Jay Harrington’s“Personal Branding for Lawyers: Self-Assessment Workbook.” To gain a deeper understanding of how to assess your unique strengths and weaknesses as a lawyer. The questions in Jay’s new Workbook are derived from his book “One of a Kind: A Proven Path to a Profitable Legal Practice” and are intended to help spark new ideas about how you build your brand and your practice.

Personal Branding for Lawyers: Self-Assessment Workbook

49 Tips for the New Lawyer. The improved and expanded version of the original “25 Tips for the New Lawyer” has nearly double the tips, plus 128 live links to even more really good ideas you can use. And, of course, it’s still free. Whether you’re a junior or senior lawyer, backed up by an army of support staff and partners or valiantly braving it solo, there is plenty of sound advice for you here.

49 Tips for the New Lawyer


Sponsoring Women – Resources for Men and Women. Download our free guides from the author of the popular book, “Sponsoring Women: What Men Need to Know.” Get your guide to “How to Find a Sponsor,” and advice on “Sponsoring: What WOMEN Need to Know.” Click here to get the guides.

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Really Good Marketing Ideas: How to (Really) Get Business This Year. Our most popular download, this is written by our most knowledgeable contributors, in three sections: “Getting the Work,” “Your Social Media Game Plan” and “Balancing Legal Marketing Ethics.”

Really Good Marketing Ideas

40 Ways to Make Networking Work. Every lawyer needs a good network. Unfortunately, “networking” has become a mere buzzword — intimidating to the uninitiated and off-putting to many. Merrilyn Astin Tarlton says it’s really about “nurturing relationships,” and she has a handy collection of important tips and definitions to guide you. Download the Tip Sheet here.

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10 Must-Know Tips for Internet Legal Research on the Cheap! Saving money is always worth investigating, so we asked Carole Levitt, co-author of the ABA book “Internet Legal Research on a Budget” for a few quickly digestible nuggets to get you started. Download your free copy of the Tip Sheet to find links to go-to spots for resolving legal quandaries without emptying your wallet. (Plus there’s a special deep discount offer inside for books ordered on the author’s site.)

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New Math, New Money: A Lawyer’s Guide to the Changing Business of Law. The big change the profession has both ballyhooed and rebuffed for so very long? It’s arrived. At this point, you’re either on the bus or behind it. So if you’re feeling a little panicky, or need a nudge in the right direction, we’ve gathered 40+ pages of wit and wisdom on the new legal business.

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A Matter of Time: Time Management and Productivity Tips for Lawyers is 60 pages popping with productivity tips. Articles on legal project management, timekeeping, writer’s block, email overload and so much more, along with a collection of our most popular time-management posts. Plus, a list of top productivity apps.

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Attorney at Large: A Field Guide for Mobile Lawyers

101 Really Good Ideas for You and Your Practice

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Top Marketing Advice. A collection of popular marketing posts, with advice from Larry Bodine, Merrilyn Astin Tarlton, Deborah McMurray, Keith Wewe, Ken Hardison and more.

LinkedIn for Lawyers. Powerful things you probably aren’t doing with LinkedIn! Advice for networking, job hunting and more.