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Michele Lange

Michele Lange is VP, Legal Marketing, for Workstorm. She has more than 15 years of experience in the legal technology industry and earned her J.D. from the University of Minnesota  Law School. Workstorm is an enterprise-grade workplace collaboration platform built for legal professionals. Follow Workstorm on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Dan Lukasik Dan Lukasik

Dan Lukasik is Director of the Workplace Well-Being Program for the Mental Health Association in Buffalo, N.Y. He lectures on the topics of stress, anxiety and depression in the legal profession, and does on-site, CLE-accredited programs for law firms and bar associations. He is the creator of the award-winning website Lawyerswithdepression.com and his work has been featured in the The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The National Law Journal, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, on CNN and many other national and international publications. He has lectured at many law schools, including Harvard and Yale. Follow him @DanLukasik.

Darryl Isaacs

Darryl Isaacs, known as “The Hammer,” is an auto and truck accident lawyer with Isaacs & Isaacs, the Louisville, KY, firm he founded with his father, the late Sheldon Isaacs. Darryl, who recently celebrated 25 years in practice, is licensed to practice in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio, and earned his J.D. from the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law. Follow him @IsaacsandIsaacs.


Expert contributor.

Neha Sampat

Neha Sampat is CEO of GenLead|BelongLab, where she helps organizations create peak-performance, inclusive teams by addressing hidden barriers to belonging, such as imposter syndrome and internalized bias, unconscious bias, generational diversity and distrust in teams. As a coach, she helps individuals develop job situations and leadership styles that engage their true and best selves. Read more of her insights on The Belong Blog and follow her at @belonglab.

Kristin Tyler

Kristin Tyler is a co-founder and CMO of LAWCLERK, (@lawclerklegal), a nationwide marketplace where attorneys can hire a freelance lawyer. Kristin is a founding partner at Garman Turner Gordon LLP, where she chairs the firm’s Estate Planning, Probate & Guardianship Practice Group. Her practice is focused primarily on estate planning, asset protection, probate and guardianship matters.

Elise Keith Elise Keith

Elise Keith is co-founder of Lucid Meetings where she leads research, publication and product management efforts, constantly seeking ways to make it easy for people to enjoy meetings that get work done. She is the author of the book Where the Action Is: The Meetings That Make or Break Your Organization. For more information, visit www.lucidmeetings.com and connect with Elise on Twitter @EliseID8.

Ernie Svenson Ernest Svenson

Ernest Svenson is the founder of Law Firm Autopilot, which helps small firm lawyers transform their practices and improve their quality of life. LawFirmAutopilot.com’s online courses and coaching services show how to take advantage of technology to make more money, more easily, so you can spend more time relaxing away from the office. As a nationally recognized speaker, author, podcaster and blogger at Ernie the Attorney, he’s helped hundreds of small firm lawyers transform their practices. Follow him on Twitter @ernieattorney.

David Bitton David Bitton

David Bitton is Co-Founder and CEO of PracticePanther (@PracticePanther) legal practice management software. As an author and frequent CLE speaker, David is dedicated to automating law firms with the help of today’s technology. He is the author of “The Secrets to Marketing and Automating Your Law Practice.”

Mark Homer Mark Homer

Mark Homer is CEO of GNGF, a leading law firm marketing agency, and co-founder of Trial3D. At GNGF, Mark leads the team to help empower and educate law firms to grow their practice. Mark is co-author of “Online Law Practice Strategies” and often speaks around the U.S. on marketing and social media ethics for law firms. Follow him @mark_homer.