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Revolutionize the Way Your Firm Captures Billable Hours With Rocket Matter Track

By Rocket Matter

Waiting until the end of the week to track time could cause you to lose 25–50% of your law firm’s billable hours. Capture more time with Rocket Matter Track.

rocket matter track

Be honest. How often do you procrastinate on time tracking?

Even attorneys with the best of intentions tend to make a habit of putting off this critical task.

When you’re balancing multiple matters at once, it’s easy to get tunnel vision or feel like there’s no time to spare and that your time would be better spent on billable work than billing-related tasks.

In reality, leaving time tracking aside is costly—more so than most law firms can afford.

Specifically, waiting until the end of the week to track time could cause you to lose 25–50% of your billable hours.

This kind of time leakage is a prevalent problem in the legal industry. But no matter how busy you are, tracking time with more efficiency and accuracy is possible. Of course, that’s not going to happen any time soon if you’re:

  • Reconstructing your week from emails and document histories
  • Jotting down your hours on sticky notes that might get misplaced
  • Using manual workarounds for time-tracking tools that aren’t designed for attorneys
  • Manually updating multiple time spreadsheets for multiple clients
  • Guesstimating how long it takes you to complete common tasks

So, what does work when it comes to tracking time spent working on legal matters?

Rocket Matter Track is the Solution

While other methods leave you vulnerable to leaked time, Rocket Matter Track makes sure you never miss a moment.

Here’s what makes this tool different from time trackers available on the market.

Consistent Tracking That Doesn’t Distract You From Key Tasks

You work hard, and it makes sense if you don’t feel like putting in the extra effort to document your hours, especially if doing so requires you to fumble with timers (what seems like) every 5 minutes.

Rocket Matter Track runs discreetly in the background to automatically record the time you spend in all of your desktop apps.

This gives you a complete, at-a-glance picture of your workday with no extra effort.

Rocket Matter Track also smart-groups your various app entries, so you can enter time in seconds (rather than completing extra hours of detective work).

Whether you’re working continuously on a single task or jumping between several activities at once, simply match the app entries with corresponding tasks and projects to create timesheet entries efficiently.

Detailed Summaries That Capture Every Billable Minute

Backfilling your day is one of the fastest ways to lose billable time. Rather than reconstructing your time worked from memory, legal time-tracking software empowers you to bill your clients with confidence.

Each day, Rocket Matter Track delivers a detailed review of your activity and time spent on apps, websites, and files so you can create more precise timesheet entries.

Idle Time Alerts That Improve Invoice Accuracy

Some time trackers automatically track and bill for idle time, which can lead to inaccurate bills and broken trust with clients if you aren’t extra attentive to the billing review process.

Rocket Matter Track saves you time, effort, and client trust by alerting you to idle time with a message widget that displays any time you’re away from your computer.

Your tracked data is stored offline only, which gives you complete control over which entities are logged and billed for.

Ready to Capture Time Effortlessly, Increase Billable Hours, and Improve Invoice Accuracy With One Simple Tool?

Schedule your demo of Rocket Matter Track today

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