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The Local Search Game

Let's say you're an average Joe who needs to find a local lawyer. Finding the right one can certainly be a difficult quest. Where do you start? Many might think a person's automatic first step would be to ask a few friends if they've used a lawyer they can recommend. But according to a new FindLaw survey, consumers are more likely to head straight to the Internet. Thirty-eight percent of people in the 2014 FindLaw survey said they would use the Internet to find a lawyer, compared to 28% who said they'd ask a relative or friend. That's a big shift from a similar survey less than a decade ago, in 2005, when only 7% said they'd use the Internet and 65% said they'd ask a friend or relative. The problem there for lawyers? The Internet is such an overcrowded space that the only thing more difficult than finding the right lawyer might be getting found if you’re that lawyer. Enter the solution: Learning how to win at "local search marketing" ... READ MORE

Originally published April 23, 2014
Last updated October 18, 2018
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