Risk Management

Managing Risk: What If Your Assumptions Are Wrong?

Everyone makes assumptions. You might be surprised, though, at how many malpractice claims result merely from a lawyer working under a false assumption. Take the attorney who allows her workload to grow beyond a reasonable level — she might not worry because she assumes that somehow she'll find the time to get it all done. Or, she might assume a colleague will be available to pitch in, or that someone else is properly trained to assist her. The problem? What if there really isn’t enough time to get it done? What if no one else is available? What if the person asked to help out doesn’t know how to do the work correctly? All kinds of assumptions come into play in any law practice. Here are two examples of how assumptions can cause you trouble, based on actual claims, and a few ways to address the problem. ... READ THE REST

Originally published February 19, 2015
Last updated March 2, 2015
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