T-Rex with open mouth jerks at work

The Lawyer Who Liked to ‘One-Up’

“I never seem to get it right enough with him,” Sara told me, as she expressed her frustrations about being on Terry's case team. “He always has to do it better than me.” I nodded. Terry was an ace litigator, hardworking, controlling and driven to win at everything. We had even stopped inviting him to poker night, where several of us got together to play cards, opine about life and drink a little too much. With quarter bets and a $30 limit, usually everyone could play all night. When Terry was there, though, half of us were out within the first few hours, and he wasn't a particularly graceful winner. His need to win made the nights he was there less fun.

Originally published August 27, 2015
Last updated April 28, 2018
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