Nothing But the Ruth

Starting the Day on a Happy Foot

Earlier this year, I listened to an episode of the podcast "Invisible Office Hours," where the hosts, entrepreneurs Paul Jarvis and Jason Zook, shared their morning routines. They don't begin their days by checking email and jumping on client work but by enjoying their coffee, reading Calvin and Hobbes, and watching the sunrise. According to them, their morning routines allow them to be less stressed and more creative, and more effective as business owners. My typical day starts with waking up to a blaring alarm clock and strong coffee, followed by checking email, social media and walking the dog. I’m the stereotypical stressed lawyer when it comes to how I start my day, but I know that others take a different approach. What is it that they do when they wake? It took some searching, but I found a few lawyers with nontraditional morning routines. ... READ THE REST

Originally published September 14, 2015
Last updated May 20, 2018
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