lawyer business cards

Lawyer Business Cards: Is Your Business Card Ethical?

We do our best to go paperless, yet there's one small piece of paper that seems to endure: the business card.

Originally published June 22, 2022
Last updated November 10, 2022
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sound like a winning lawyer

How to Sound Like a Winning Lawyer

Last night while making dinner, I was listening to a political documentary playing in the background. One expert after another chimed in with comments, offered deep thoughts, and gave opinions — all interesting and enlightening.

Originally published June 22, 2022
Last updated July 2, 2023
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legal chatbots

Ethical Considerations of Legal Chatbots

Ask the Experts at | After updating our website last year, we increased customer contacts almost threefold! Now, we’ve realized we need to better automate our “front door” interactions with potential clients. What ethical roadblocks should we be mindful of when adding legal chatbot tools to our law firm's website?

Originally published June 22, 2022
Last updated July 2, 2023
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Windows Logo Key “Fave 10” Shortcuts

“Don’t work for your computer, put your computer to work for you.” Save time with the Windows logo key, also known as the start key. Often I sound like a broken record. IRL (in real life), on my blog and here at Attorney at Work, I’m constantly repeating this mantra: “Don’t work for your computer, […]

Originally published June 22, 2022
Last updated June 27, 2022
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how to start a law blog

The Right Way to Start a Legal Blog for Your Firm

"I’ve been bringing our law firm into the 21st century by tweeting and posting on our Facebook page about recent legal news and opinions. While I’ve shared a lot of content, I thought it was about time to start publishing our own content through a legal blog on our firm’s website, especially if it will drive more traffic our way.

Originally published June 22, 2022
Last updated July 27, 2022
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new attorney

Knowing Is Half the Battle: Pro Tips for Your First Assignment as an Associate

Meyling Ly Ortiz | Here are a few questions to consider asking when you get your first assignment. (Or any assignment!)

Originally published June 22, 2022
Last updated June 30, 2023
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How Lawyers Should Respond to Cognitive Decline in a Client

Mark C. Palmer | "Can I continue to properly serve a client who may have diminished capacity? What if he continues to decline?" Ask the Experts at

June 22, 2022 1 0

How Much Capital in Your Law Firm?

"How much capital should I have in my firm?” It’s a question I hear frequently from lawyers and business owners. It seems like a simple question, but the answer is rarely simple. The level of capital you need depends on your practice, and how quickly you can convert your services or inventory into cash. A grocery store, for example, generates cash every day the doors are open — but a law firm might not get paid for 60 days or longer after delivering a service. So the capital requirements for these businesses will be considerably different.

Originally published June 22, 2022
Last updated July 6, 2023
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