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law firm call-answer process
Who’s Answering Your Phones? 3 Tips to Improve Your Law Firm’s Call-Answer Process

Three tips to improve your law firm call-answer process, because the phone remains the tool of choice for people searching for a lawyer.

David Skinner and Karen Skinner - February 9, 2024
valuable law firm
Building a Valuable Law Firm: A Road Map to a $5 Million Business

Sasha Berson | Your law firm should be a valuable asset that someone, someday, will buy and pay you handsomely for. Now, how do you get there?

Sasha Berson - February 7, 2024
training associate lawyers
Protecting Your Investment: How to Realize a Robust ROI From Associates

Wendy Merrill | The only way younger associate attorneys will make money for your firm is if they feel the firm is invested in their training and success.

Wendy Merrill - January 23, 2024
increasing your legal fees
Increasing Your Legal Fees: A Four-Step Approach

Erik Mazzone | Here's a four-step process for increasing your legal fees, from when and how much, to how to tell your clients.

Erik Mazzone - January 11, 2024
systems for law firm growth
Ready, Set, Scale: Preparing Your Law Firm for Growth, Even When You’re Busy

In their series "Ready, Set, Scale: How to Set Up the Systems You Need to Grow," Karen and David Skinner help you prepare your practice for the growth you want.

David Skinner and Karen Skinner - January 1, 2024
to risk or not to risk - law firm sustainability
To Risk or Not to Risk? That is the Question for Firm Leaders in 2024

Wendy Merrill | To be an effective leader and astute business owner, you must reconcile fear with a willingness to take on risk.

Wendy Merrill - December 12, 2023
fire a client
Fire a Client

Simon Chester | When you are a new lawyer, it seems any client should be welcomed. More mature lawyers know that’s not necessarily so.

Simon Chester - December 3, 2023
formula for making 1 million
The Winning Formula for Making $1 Million As a Law Firm Owner

Sasha Berson | Optimize your marketing and intake efficiency and your business will multiply.

Sasha Berson - November 30, 2023
recruiting associate lawyers
The Law Firm Ecosystem: Recruiting Your Team

Erik Mazzone | A well-managed, focused team is your law firm's greatest competitive advantage. Advice on recruiting associate lawyers.

Erik Mazzone - November 15, 2023
variable compensation plans
The Law Firm Ecosystem: Compensation

Erik Mazzone | Nothing breaks up law firms more frequently, quickly, or completely than disputes over compensation.

Erik Mazzone - November 9, 2023

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