Law Firm Leadership

empowerment tips
20 Law Practice Empowerment Tips

Nuts-and-bolts reminders for running a successful law practice from Peggy Gruenke and Alan Klevan.

Peggy Gruenke - July 2, 2024
These 5 Phrases Make You Sound Out of Touch

Words that may seem harmless can sow dissonance and create tension. Here are some alternatives.

Joan Feldman - June 14, 2024
managing partner's dilemma blue
The Managing Partner’s Dilemma (And How to Remedy It)

Wendy Merrill | It’s lonely at the top — an inconvenient reality most managing partners feel but don’t want to admit.

Wendy Merrill - April 30, 2024
practice group leaders
Art of Steering the Ship: The Essential Management Toolkit for Practice Group Leaders

Yuliya LaRoe | Practice group leaders fulfill four roles within a law firm. Here's an overview of the leadership and business skills needed to succeed.

Yuliya LaRoe - April 15, 2024
law firm conflicts
The 3 Most Common Conflicts in Law Firms and How to Resolve Them

Wendy Merrill | The sweep-it-under-the-rug attitude may seem to keep issues at bay, but avoidance creates fertile ground for festering feelings.

Wendy Merrill - March 19, 2024
training associate lawyers
Protecting Your Investment: How to Realize a Robust ROI From Associates

Wendy Merrill | The only way younger associate attorneys will make money for your firm is if they feel the firm is invested in their training and success.

Wendy Merrill - January 23, 2024
to risk or not to risk - law firm sustainability
To Risk or Not to Risk? That is the Question for Firm Leaders in 2024

Wendy Merrill | To be an effective leader and astute business owner, you must reconcile fear with a willingness to take on risk.

Wendy Merrill - December 12, 2023
young lawyers' work ethic
Associates’ Success Is Not About Work Ethic: Common Concerns About New Lawyers

Wendy Merrill | Suggestions for addressing the most common complaints about associates.

Wendy Merrill - October 25, 2023
law firm managing partner
Finding Your Law Firm’s Next Managing Partner

Wendy Merrill | It's common for firms to ask their biggest rainmaker to be managing partner. But is that the right move?

Wendy Merrill - September 6, 2023
visual matter management
Three Reasons You Should Use Visual Matter Management to Run Your Law Practice

David and Karen Skinner | When you get your to-do list out of your head and into a visual system where everyone can see it, your practice will flourish.

David Skinner and Karen Skinner - June 30, 2023

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