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Practice Management

Sharing Bad News with the Office

By | Jun.04.15 | 1 Comment

No one likes to deliver bad news. But things happen, and when they do it’s important to let those around you know. In your law office, failing to share bad news at the appropriate time …Continue reading »

Time For a Change?

Ways to Push Beyond Your Comfort Zone

By | May.07.15 | No Comments

You know the feeling. You aren’t unhappy, but you aren’t ecstatic. You don’t dread going to work, but you linger longer than usual on that second (or third) cup of coffee before you head to …Continue reading »

Nine Ways to Enhance Your Online Job Application

By | Jul.16.14 | 1 Comment

The wait to hear about an online job application is often too long, and the process is often discouraging.  If you don’t have a personal connection to the employer, it will be difficult to get …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Your Next Big Step: Career Experts’ Advice

By | Apr.18.14 | 1 Comment

The legal world really is starting to work differently. And while the path is uncertain, change is certainly creating opportunities for new career directions. For our “New Math, New Money” download, legal careers expert Wendy Werner …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Five Ways to Find a Mentor

By | Jul.27.12 | 1 Comment

“What you need is a mentor!” Everyone keeps telling you to find a mentor. But if you knew how to get one, you would probably already have one, right? When you look at the people around …Continue reading »


Six Simple Steps to Effective Performance Reviews

By | Jun.28.12 | No Comments

No one really likes conducting performance reviews. But for some reason, lawyers seem particularly averse to providing feedback. Perhaps it’s because much of the work lawyers do themselves is based on individual performance, or because …Continue reading »

Professional Development

Sharpening the Saw

By | Jan.30.12 | No Comments

I have a friend who is a gifted planner. We often get together near the end of the year, and I find her scheduling her professional development activities–and her vacation–for the upcoming calendar year. She …Continue reading »


Keep Your Seat When Applying Electronically

By | Sep.29.11 | No Comments

Job hunting best-case scenario? A friend or colleague introduces you to an employer who wants to hire you. The more likely scenario? You’re going to have to dive onto the Internet with the rest of the searchers and file …Continue reading »


The Long-Distance Job Search for Lawyers, Part Two

By | Sep.06.11 | No Comments

You have been working on finding that job in your dream location—creating a timeline and sticking to it, and identifying the positions you want. Now you are ready to apply. How in the world can you—from hundreds …Continue reading »


The Long-Distance Job Search for Lawyers, Part One

By | Sep.01.11 | No Comments

Finding a new job is hard enough when you are looking in your own backyard, but the difficulty level increases when you are job hunting from states away. It may be easier, of course, if you …Continue reading »