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Nine Ways to Enhance Your Online Job Application

By | Jul.16.14 | 1 Comment

The wait to hear about an online job application is often too long, and the process is often discouraging.  If you don’t have a personal connection to the employer, it will be d[...]

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The Friday Five

Your Next Big Step: Career Experts’ Advice

By | Apr.18.14 | 1 Comment

The legal world really is starting to work differently. And while the path is uncertain, change is certainly creating opportunities for new career directions. For our "New Math, N[...]

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The Friday Five

Five Ways to Find a Mentor

By | Jul.27.12 | 1 Comment

"What you need is a mentor!" Everyone keeps telling you to find a mentor. But if you knew how to get one, you would probably already have one, right? When you look at the people a[...]

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Six Simple Steps to Effective Performance Reviews

By | Jun.28.12 | No Comments

No one really likes conducting performance reviews. But for some reason, lawyers seem particularly averse to providing feedback. Perhaps it's because much of the work lawyers do th[...]

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Professional Development

Sharpening the Saw

By | Jan.30.12 | No Comments

I have a friend who is a gifted planner. We often get together near the end of the year, and I find her scheduling her professional development activities--and her vacation--for th[...]

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Keep Your Seat When Applying Electronically

By | Sep.29.11 | No Comments

Job hunting best-case scenario? A friend or colleague introduces you to an employer who wants to hire you. The more likely scenario? You're going to have to dive onto the Inter[...]

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