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Cure Bad Speech Habits: “It’s, Like, Y’know, Amazing!”

By | Apr.21.14 | 1 Comment

If I hear an awards show red-carpet doyenne say “Your gown is amazing” one more time, I think I will puke on my tray-table. How about “terrific” or “magnificent” or “[...]

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Get to the Point!

Why a TED Talk Is Like a Chicago Hot Dog

By | Apr.03.14 | 1 Comment

These days it seems like everybody wants to claim, “I gave a TED talk.” The reason? These talks are famous for being fresh and interesting. TED talks are no longer than 18 minu[...]

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Get to the Point!

Happy National Grammar Day! Lawyers’ Top Three Grammar Goof-ups

By | Mar.04.14 | 15 Comments

It's a fitting way to celebrate National Grammar Day: Today we are announcing that lawyer and author Teddy Snyder is taking over Attorney at Work's monthly "Get to the Point" colu[...]

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Networking Tips

A Lawyer’s Business Card To-Do List

By | Apr.24.13 | No Comments

The recent post here about whether lawyers' paper business cards are obsolete reminded me that, yes, there are important things to be done with all the cards you collect at a confe[...]

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Clean Up Your Contact Info

Where Are You?

By | Mar.19.13 | 1 Comment

I read an article online the other day and liked it so much that I wanted to compliment the lawyer who wrote it on a great job. While the article was posted on a law firm's website[...]

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Get to the Point

Sloppy Writing Sucks!

By | Nov.12.12 | 6 Comments

I’m tired of it. It’s off-putting. It hurts your professional image and undermines your marketing if you’re one of the perpetrators. I’m talking about bad grammar and spel[...]

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