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solo by choice
Book Review: Considering Hanging Out Your Shingle? A Road Map to Becoming ‘Solo by Choice’

Book Review | The third edition of “Solo by Choice," aka the solo practice bible, provides a no-nonsense road map guide to going solo or reinvigorating your post-pandemic solo practice.

Susan Cohodes - March 1, 2023
Book Review: How to Be Successful at Succession Planning

Book Review | “The Lawyer's Guide to Succession Planning: A Project Management Approach for Successful Law Firm Transitions and Exits.”

Roy S. Ginsburg - March 30, 2016
Ditching Paper? MacSparky to the Rescue

The e-book Paperless, self-published by attorney David Sparks (aka @MacSparky), has won an Apple iBookstore “Best of 2012” award. Okay, so it’s 2014, and I’m a bit late to the parade. But seriously, better late than never: This is one you ...

Heidi Alexander - January 17, 2014
The Reading List
Wise Lawyers Don’t Eat Junk

Stop! Put down that maple-drizzled oat-pecan scone and back away, slowly. Now think: Are those 440 empty calories worth of sugar, fat and carbs truly the best way for a lawyer to refuel in the afternoon? While you chew on that, consider what Jen ...

Jennifer Sacheck - May 1, 2013
The Reading List
Partnership: It’s Not Just Lawyering Anymore

When you're an associate receiving positive feedback for your intelligence, diligence, and impeccable work product, it's hard to fathom the need to start learning an entirely different set of skills for the later phases of your career. But ...

Marian Lee - April 2, 2013
Finding Experts and Verifying Their Credentials on the Web

When you’re in need of an expert to serve as a witness in your case, to consult on a special matter, or perhaps even to serve as a speaker at your bar seminar, where do you look? Your first instinct may be to use a search engine, or to search a ...

Carole Levitt - December 20, 2012
Be Younger Next Year: Lawyers Just Think They’re Too Busy to Be Healthy

Staying young book. You’re never too busy to be healthy next year. I wanted to be a lawyer even when I was a little kid, and I was right. I loved the practice. Absolutely loved it. Hell, I loved law school, which is weird. But after 25 ...

Chris Crowley - November 13, 2012
Engaging on Twitter: Be a Follower

In his much-anticipated ABA book Twitter in One Hour for Lawyers, Jared Correia says the best use of Twitter, and the one most calculated to drive your practice forward, is to engage with others with whom you share similar interests. One of the ...

Jared Correia - October 30, 2012
What Not to Talk About On Video

In his new book, Secrets of Lawyer Video Marketing in the Age of YouTube, trial lawyer Gerry Oginski lays out the dos and don'ts of creating effective videos for your law practice—the kind that compel viewers to actually call and hire ...

Gerry Oginski - July 11, 2012
The Three-Part Power Hour

In their best-selling book Time Management for Attorneys: A Lawyer’s Guide to Decreasing Stress, Eliminating Interruptions & Getting Home on Time, Shawn McNalis and Mark Powers offer strategies to manage your most scarce resource. Here, ...

Shawn McNalis - June 21, 2012

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