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Product Spotlight

You’re a Service, Not a Product: Act the Part and Market Right

Apple does something amazing. Of course, they do a lot of amazing things as they weave their technology into our personal and professional DNA, but they've nailed one thing for sure: the services side of their products. Just walk into an Apple ...

Marriott Murdock - April 14, 2015
How Automated Calendaring Can Limit Malpractice Risk

Calendar management continues to be a major source of anxiety among legal professionals — with good reason. Calendar-related errors are the leading cause of malpractice actions against lawyers, accounting for more than a full third of all ...

Joshua Lenon - March 30, 2015
Client Portals
Web-Based Client Portals: Benefits to Clients

In the first post in this series, attorney and MyCase Director Nicole Black introduced the concept of law practice management software platforms with built-in client portals. In part two, she outlined the benefits that web-based client portals ...

Nicole Black - November 20, 2014
Web-Based Client Portals: The Benefits to Lawyers

Client portals are incredibly valuable tools for law firms because they allow lawyers to improve client service by increasing efficiency and streamlining communication.

Nicole Black - September 15, 2014
Client Portals
Web-Based Client Portals: An Introduction

Nicole Black explains how online client portals can benefit both lawyers and their clients. 

Nicole Black - August 18, 2014
MyCase GM Matt Spiegel: What Are You Working On?

In our Spotlight Q&A, Attorney at Work interviews leaders in the legal technology industry to find out what makes them tick as entrepreneurs and businesspeople — and what they're planning next. MyCase's Matt Spiegel was a busy practicing lawyer ...

The Editors - March 28, 2014
NetDocuments Product Manager Bradlee Duncan
NetDocuments’ Bradlee Duncan: Creativity at Work

In Attorney at Work's Spotlight Q&A, we talk with the people inspiring, driving and creating the next new things in the legal technology industry — like NetDocuments' Product Manager Bradlee Duncan. During his dozen-plus years with ...

The Editors - March 26, 2014
How to Automatically Capture All Your Email and Mobile Phone Time

As you know, it’s nearly impossible to accurately track your email time with merely a start/stop timer. You’re probably bouncing from email to email in rapid fire mode. The last thing you want to worry about is timekeeping, ...

Brett Owens - April 22, 2013
How I Increased My Billable Time by $2000 Each Month—While Actually Working Less

Like you, I hate keeping track of my billable time. I used to spend hours each week going through sent emails, my calendar and my notes to figure out what I did every day.I knew there had to be a better answer than notepads and start/stop ...

Adam Tope - October 9, 2012

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